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Best Non-Surgical Methods To Relieve Chronic Back Pain

    According to a recent report, one of the prominent reasons Americans apply for leave is severe back pain or seeking treatment for the same. 

    This is because back pain is not only uncomfortable but is also debilitating, making it really hard for people to work. 

    So, if you are also having a hard time dealing with chronic back pain, then this article is just the right thing. Here we are going to talk about reasons why you might be dealing with chronic back pain and non-surgical methods to help you find relief. 

    Let’s get started

    Reasons for your chronic back pain

    Although chronic back pain is usually an age-related issue, you may experience it due to a prior injury. Some of the other reasons for back pain are mentioned below:

    • Gradual thinning of your cartilage inside your spine. It is also known as arthritis of the spine. 
    • Spinal stenosis or nerve pain resulting from narrowing of your spinal cord.
    • Disc-related problems or bulging discs. 
    • Damaged facet joints

    That being said, let’s dive right into how you can treat your chronic back pain without undergoing any surgeries. Read on to know more about it. 

    • Physical Therapy

    It is needless to say that exercise is the foundation of treating any physical ailment. And it is one of the best ways to treat your chronic back pain as well.

     In fact, exercising is the first treatment medical experts suggest to their patients. 

    And that’s why maintaining your exercise routine that includes stretching, and core strengthening can help you achieve better results for your back. 

    You can also incorporate aerobic exercises into your daily routine and notice relief in your back pain already. 

    • Facet joint injections

    Medically speaking, facets are small joints that connect the vertebrae in your back. These joints can be found all along your spine and cervical vertebrae. 

    The prominent role of facet joints is that they enable your spine to move, bend and twist, meaning they are pretty important. 

    In many cases, these joints get damaged and cause debilitating pain in the back. 

    Therefore, if your chronic back pain stems from damaged facet joints, it would be best to opt for facet joint injections to cope with your pain. According to health experts, these injections help alleviate pain as a steroid medication is injected directly into the painful joints. 

    • Nerve stimulation

    According to recent research, with the help of certain treatments, you can stimulate your nerves, which in turn helps in reducing chronic back pain. 

    After a proper check up your doctor may suggest a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to help you get relief from your chronic back pain. 

    During this method, the experts deliver mild electrical pulses to your nerves. This further blocks the incoming pain signals and relieves you from debilitating pain. 

    In the end, 

    Dealing with chronic back pain is definitely struggling. It not only affects your day-to-day activities but also adds discomfort to your overall well-being. 

    So, use the non-surgical methods mentioned above and treat your chronic back pain for good.