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Best Pain Medicine in Weslaco & McAllen, TX

    In some cases, you can suffer from chronic pain that is resistant to conventional treatment. You can visit the Rio Grande Team for interventional pain management, targeting the root cause of your pain. Dr. Slavin and Mrs. Gonzalez work together in changing the delivery of treatment for McAllen back pain patients of all ages.

    About the Practice

    Rio Grande Pain Team has a certified team of practitioners, led by Dennis Slavin, MD, and Rosabel Gonzales, PA, helping patients find relief from chronic pain. The practice helps patients with pain to feel better through specialized treatment targeting the source of your pain.

    Mrs. Gonzalez and Dr. Slavin can help you manage chronic pain that is previously resistant to conventional treatment. The doctors work with you to monitor your condition and find the best way to manage your pain.

    Dr. Slavin is board-certified in pain medicine and utilizes over two decades of experience in the provision of anesthesiology and interventional pain management. On the other hand, Mrs. Gonzalez is a certified physician assistant with a master’s in physical studies.

    Mrs. Gonzalez and Dr. Slavin offer exceptional treatment with the promise of compassion for each client and a commitment to reducing your pain in your legs, back, shoulders, arms, and other parts of the body.

    Why Should I Visit the Rio Grande Pain Team?

    •       Latest Evidence-Based Treatment- The Rio Grande Pain Team is geared towards staying updated with all advancements in treating pain. The pair applies the latest developments in pain treatment and the use of the latest equipment for tests and treatment.
    •       Experience of More than Two Decades- The Rio Grande Pain Team has a track record of giving the best treatment for patients from Rio Grande Valley over the last twenty years. The duo ensures that all patients have a chance of living a pain-free life.
    •       Individualized Care- Your caregiver runs conclusive tests and diagnosis to determine the best treatment for the root cause. A customized treatment plan ensures that you lead a pain-free life after making a few visits to the practice.

    Available Services at Rio Grande Pain Team

    •       Piriformis Syndrome- Piriformis syndrome affects the same nerve as sciatica, resulting in a radiating pain in the legs. Dennis Slavin, MD, uses advanced treatment options for quick and significant pain relief by addressing your pain’s root cause.
    •       Back Pain- For most patients, back pain is a result of strained muscles caused by lifting heavy objects, overuse injury, or some of your daily activities. Dr. Slavin uses interventional pain management, identifies the source of your pain, and uses the best treatment mode.
    •       Shoulder Pain- Your shoulder is highly vulnerable to degenerative diseases and injuries that might cause intense pain and discomfort. In case conservative therapies fail to give you the relief you seek, Dr. Slavin can help you through interventional pain management options.
    •       Epidural Steroid Injection- Epidural steroid injections are efficient in the provision of long-lasting relief from pain. Dr. Slavin uses image-guided epidural steroid injections to help you live a life free from back or neck pain.
    •       Spinal Cord Stimulator- The spinal cord stimulator helps you find relief from leg, back, and arm pain by cloaking pain signals conveyed from the nerves in your spine. Dr. Slavin uses the trial period of approximately one week to determine your eligibility for a spinal cord stimulator.
    •       Tennis Elbow- You can develop a tennis elbow on or off of the Tennis court if you use your forearm muscles frequently. Dr. Slavin uses interventional pain management strategies to target the root cause of pain in your elbow.

    To live free of pain in the neck, back, legs, shoulders, and arms, call the Rio Grande Pain Team or use the online scheduling tool. Services are available for patients speaking English or Spanish.