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Best Protective Gear for Fitness

    Best Protective Gear for Fitness

    Best Protective Gear for Fitness

    Gym is a great place to work out, right? Well there’s no doubt about that, however it can be a dangerous dwelling if you’re not doing your exercises with the right protective gear. You’ll put yourself and all your hard work in jeopardy with just one little injury and that too because you weren’t careful enough.

    Protective gear is really important, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re a pro or just a beginner, because by my estimate injuries don’t go looking for experience! Let’s have a look at sunce fit it let you know what you’ll be needing while you’re in the gym and lifting those awfully heavy weights;

    Gym Gloves

    Best Protective Gear for Fitness

    The most basic and the first thing you want to get before going to the gym are, well, gym gloves. You might think that gym gloves aren’t that important for all your workout, but the truth is whatever kind of exercise you’re doing you’ll need some kind of protection from the constant contact of your hand with the equipment when you grab and grip, the continuous friction between the two induces blisters, sores and could even swell up part of your hands.

    Some good quality gloves, that’ll cost you a little more, come with soft cushioning in them. This prevents athletes from getting too much strain on their wrists, and hurting or injuring them in some way. Gym gloves are durable if you buy the good kind and they’ll last you uncounted sessions.

    Workout Belts

    Best Protective Gear for Fitness

    Workout Belts are great for exercises that put immense amount of pressure on your lower back. These includes generally any exercise that you think will put pressure on your back.

    Exercises that could require you to wear a belt are mostly all kind of weight lifting, squats, deadlifts, and stiff-legged deadlifts and well you could essentially wear them with whatever you’re doing. Workout Belts really are helpful as they keep your back straight and up when something like weights are pushing it down.

    Workout belts are said to help a person in picking up more weights, when you’re bench pressing and wearing a belt chances are you would be able to pick more weight than before.

    When wearing a belt make sure it’s around the waist and above your hips and banded tightly enough, not so tight though that you won’t be able to breath. Belts will be really helpful and I suggest you buy one quickly if you’re looking to start bodybuilding.

    Wrist straps

    Best Protective Gear for Fitness

    Wrist straps maybe cheating according to some people, but I’m going to let them know cheating or not these things are going to help you a lot when weight lifting. Wrist straps are great for lifting heavy barbells or weights without them falling out of your hands.

    Straps are used for exercises like stiff-legged deadlifts, shrugs, and bent-over rows. Straps come in different shapes and sizes and the same kind of straps can be tied up to your hand in different ways. This does in my opinion introduce a problem, with so many ways you can tie them, many people get confused in how to really do it.

    They lift weights the wrong way and make it harder on themselves. Let’s talk about you can lift weights using loop straps that form a loop (circle) at the end. The first thing to do is to slide your hand through the loops so that the other end of the strap hangs out.

    The strap is then wrapped around the barbell from both sides, starting from putting the strap below the bar wrap around it completely. After this put your hands around the area where the strap is wrapped around, and then just lift it up.

    Straps are fine to use but remember don’t use them all the time and practice on your natural grip at times as well so that if a competition popped up you could lift a weight using just your hands too.

    All these safety measures are not that expensive and they really help out a lot in your exercises. And trust me you won’t understand their importance until and unless you buy them, after that you wouldn’t want to do your workout without your gear. Protection is great for whatever you’re doing and fitness is no compromise either.

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    Nicola Anderson is a 25 year old sports journalist based in UK. She loves watching MMA and boxing when she is not writing for various websites and blogs on sports, fitness and nutrition. She is a metal head and works out to tracks by Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, AC/DC and Slayer.