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Best Strength Cycle For Maximum Gains

    If you’ve never been to the gym and you go there for the first time, you’d be surprised by how fragile your body actually is. Putting some iron in your hands will feel uncomfortable at first, but as soon as you finish you will feel surprisingly good. Your day instantly gets better, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re weak. 

    When you first start, your bench press, deadlift, squat, and pull up game is still soft. It would be best if you got the form ingrained in your muscle memory, and then you start to put some more weight on the bars. Then, after a few months or a year, you enter a limbo state. You’re not a beginner anymore, you’re a bit better than intermediate lifters, but you’re still not a professional. Click here to read more.

    Yet, you still want to get stronger. There are many programs online that claim to be the best, and everyone is trying to sell you their version of the same thing. If you follow their steps, you’re bound to become stronger. Listening to Instagram models has never been effective, and it won’t help you in this case because they’re probably using steroids to look that jacked. So, what can you do? 

    The best cycle for young athletes 

    This style of working out is primarily targeted at teenagers looking to build real strength. Now, it might seem weird, but our max strength potential comes from our lower back, hips, and legs. That’s why powerlifters and strongmen look the way they do. Our body needs a ton of muscle in those areas to produce as much power as humanly possible. 

    That’s why younger athletes should focus primarily on doing exercises like the back squat, deadlift, overhead press, and bench press. The regime is quite simple. The first workout should consist of three sets and five repetitions of a back squat. After that, you do three sets with five reps of the overhead press. And finally, you do a single set with five deadlifts. View this link for more 

    The second version changes the overhead press with the bench press. You might be thinking, well that’s a pretty simple thing to do, how will that make you stronger. The key here is to add as much weight as you can. The starting weight is the toughest one to determine. You should pick one that slows you down on the fifth repetition.  

    Should you add more exercises? 

    This is the entry point to your strength training journey. It’s mostly targeted at younger people, and they should stick to these primary movements until they master them. These basic movements need to be continuously repeated, so they train their nervous system, motor pathways and enhance their basics. Sure, you can add a few other exercises, but it’s not recommended to do so. 

    The 5×5 

    This is the most popular strength cycle for almost all strongmen today, as it was for those from fifty years ago. Some people even swear by it, which is why it made our list. It’s incredibly effective, and it has passed the test of time. It was invented in the 1960s, and it is still relevant today. It’s also surprisingly easy to follow. However, it can take both a mental and physical toll on you if you do it for too long. 

    There is only one workout, and you should do it three times a week with a day in between for rest. An excellent way to organize it into your life is to work out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It starts with a 45-degree back extension, and you do it three times for ten repetitions. After that, you do five sets of five back squats. Next on the list is the bench press and the deadlift, and you also do them with a 5×5 rate.  

    The rest period between the last three sets should be three to five minutes. The first two should be done with moderate weight because they serve as a warmup for the next lifts. Once you can do the last sets of the exercises and you still feel that you have the energy to do another set, increase the weight up five to ten pounds.  Follow this link for more 

    This entire cycle should last for three months. After this period, you can test out your one-rep max for each exercise. On the day you want to test yourself, you will actually see how far you have gone. You will be surprised at what three months of a consistent program can do for you. As soon as you finish it, try switching your workout style for the next three months and returning to the program.  

    Will you get bigger? 

    Absolutely. Whenever you increase the weight, you are pulling or pushing, your body makes changes. It needs more muscle fibers to move that heavy iron, so you will definitely get bigger. You’ll feel the biggest difference in your legs, glutes, and lower back. Since most people are neglecting these areas, you can shine and boast about your strength. 

    Finally, you should be mentally prepared for these workouts because they can take a lot of time. Each set is met with a three to five-minute rest, and that can take a lot of your day. If you speed up the rest period, you could become injured, because your body won’t have enough time to recover.