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Best Tips to Pass the Urine Test

    Nowadays, conducting a urinalysis or urine drug test has become the norm for detecting THC (cannabis) level in your system. Your potential employer may ask you to take and pass a urine test for THC before considering you for a position. On the other hand, you may also need to pass a urine test for THC for participating in professional or college-level sports.

    The preconditions for clearing the drug test for weed are pretty strict, regardless of whether you toke for recreational or medical reasons. You could easily fail the test, and not even realize it. So, it’s very crucial for you to be aware of what urinalysis for marijuana entails for passing the test effortlessly.

    This article will enlighten you on different methods you can follow to avoid failing the urine drug test. You’ll also come to know about detoxification drinks or pills, the duration of drugs staying in your system, and so on.       

    The most popular and common ways to pass a urine test

    You can take advantage of a wide range of methods for getting rid of weed from your system. There are a few natural remedies you can try for clearing THC from your blood and urine to pass the drug test. For instance, you can take fluids (juice, tea or water), exercise regularly, and eat healthy food items.

    Another natural and highly effective way to cleanse toxins including weed from your system is opting for a sauna. The steam bath helps you to sweat profusely, thereby draining away traces of THC from the body. Even performing cardiovascular and strength-building workouts could have the same effect.

    However, the natural methods do not guarantee that you’ll breeze through the drug test. Using mineral supplements (with the perfect balance of chemicals, herbal and fluid extracts), and diuretics could be more effective.    

    Some practical tips for those who need to pass the drug test for the first time


    You’ll have to drink a good quantity of fluids, both natural and manufactured, for clearing a urine drug test for THC. Nevertheless, simply drinking water, tea, and fruit juices may not suffice for removing toxins from the blood. Moreover, you’ll need to take natural fluids in copious amounts for achieving good results, and the process is also time-consuming.

    On the downside, drinking excessive water could cause toxicity. You can complement your natural fluids consumption with diuretic agents and mineral supplements. Tea and cranberry juice are two efficient diuretics that you can take for clearing toxins from your kidneys.

    But these diuretics do not come in handy for eliminating THC; they mask the psychoactive compound. Taking detox drinks fortified with mint, green tea, and ginger root that are rich in antioxidants could prove more effective.


    You may have to exercise strenuously, and regularly to flush out the weed from your system. The marijuana levels in your blood will determine the intensity of your workouts. If you perform cardiovascular exercises, your heart can supply more fresh blood to your entire body, thereby enabling you to get rid of toxins.

    Remember that exercising just before taking the test will not be of much help as toxins or THC will remain in your system. Maintain a workout routine, consume healthy foods, and drink sufficient water and other fluids.    


    Besides regular exercises, going for a sauna once in a while can be helpful.

    Balanced diet

    THC usually accumulates in the fat cells of your body. Consume more fruits and vegetables (instead of dairy items and animal protein) for flushing out the THC from fat cells.

    Additional tips for passing the urine drug test

    Artificial urine

    Using synthetic urine can nearly help guarantee pass a urine test for THC. You can purchase synthetic urine from a medical outlet or buy it online. Make sure the sample stays warm enough for the drug test. Alternatively, you can use a friend’s or relative’s urine (ensure that the person does not take weed).


    Specific products and substances (creatine for instance) function as useful diuretics, making you urinate frequently. Frequent urination helps flush out THC rapidly. Do not forget to consume mineral supplements and water for preventing dehydration.

    Mineral supplements

    Some mineral supplements can help restore the minerals you lose while you follow the extended detox process. Then again, a few mineral supplements can help keep your urine concentrated which could become watery because of the detox procedure or excessive water consumption.


    You could cheat on the drug test if you take an aspirin 4-6 hours before the scheduled analysis. However, today’s advanced testing methods can easily detect loopholes in the test. Therefore taking aspirin may not prove to be failsafe.

    How to overreach the method for passing the urine test?

    You must follow a long-term detox program (apart from using natural and artificial cleansing methods) for ensuring a pass in the test. You have a good chance of cleansing weed from your body in 8-10 days if you take permanent detox tablets. Once you finish the course, you can conduct a test in the comfort of your home for evaluating THC levels.

    You’ll come across several brands of home testing kits in drug stores and apothecaries.    

    How long do drugs stay in your system?

    Depending on how frequently you toke, a typical test can detect weed that has stayed in urine for 35-45 days. In case you smoke every day, and more often, the test could detect THC present in your urine for a longer period.

    Detox pills and detox drinks

    You can go for a variety of products that could help you with THC detox. You can consume detox drinks for lowering THC levels in your system. Herbal detox pills, replete with minerals, vitamins, and plant extracts, could help cleanse the system of THC.

    You could also buy a detox kit containing drinks, powders, and pills for faster and more effective cleansing.   

    What won’t help you pass a urine test for THC

    Contrary to popular belief, there are certain home remedies and products that’ll not help reduce the weed to levels which remain undetected on urine drug tests. Some of these products are diuretics, water, vitamins B2 and B12, Creatine, cranberry juice, Niacin, vinegar, aspirin, and Certo.