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Bid Goodbye to Eye Issues With the Help of These Eye Examinations

    Eyes are the central point of the body, and never would you want to lose your eyesight. Visit Stephen M. Wolchok MD, for a comprehensive eye examination that will help you avoid any complications. With customized examinations and state of the art technology, you will get the best recommendation to prevent severe eye issues capable of making you blind.

    The Best Age to Have an Eye Examination

    Eye examinations are suitable at any age; however, by the age of forty eye issues are more prone to appear. Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, recommends forty as the baseline age for frequent eye checkups. However, as a young person, you will also require eye checkups to help detect any issues that might damage your eyesight as you age. Opportunistic infections that attack your eyes during old age include diabetic eye, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

    Additionally, without prompt medical attention, you might lose your eyesight with conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. An eye exam ensures a comprehensive check on all eye issues for prompt medical attention. While some eye conditions are easily noticeable with simple examinations, others require an extensive check from Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, for diagnosis and treatment.

    You will also need more eye checkups if you have diabetes. High glucose in the blood destroys nerves and blood vessels in the eyes, putting you at an elevated risk of blindness. However, during an eye examination, your doctor can easily detect these damages and offer the best remedies.

    What to expect during an eye examination?

    Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, is a satisfied eye clinic that provides a wide range of eye examination services. In the center, you will receive the following:

    •         Testing the response of the pupils
    •         Peripheral vision tests
    •         Muscle movement and alignment of the eyes
    •         retinal optic nerve tests
    •         Slit-lamp tests to check for cataracts and other infections
    •         Eye charts test to determine your visual acuity

    Your doctor can also recommend an eye lens test by confirming and correcting current prescriptions. Additionally, the doctor will look at your family history for more tests and recommendations.

    How often should you get an eye test?

    Personalized recommendations from Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, will help you decide on the number of times you can visit your eye doctor. In the center, you will get a review of your eye history with strong recommendations of the number of times you can visit an eye facility. Eye-specific history gives the doctor the right estimates of the number of times you can visit the facility.

    However, with diabetes conditions, you will need more eye examinations to prevent nerve and blood vessel degeneration.

    Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, specializes in diabetic eye tests that help identify the region of pressure in your eyes and help prevent further damage.

    Blindness and any other eye complications can reduce your quality of life, as with better vision, you can accomplish many activities. Visit Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, in Jacksonville, FL, to have a comprehensive eye examination. Book your appointment to learn how to take proper care of your vision.