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Birthing Ball – What You Need To Know

    how to buy the right birthing ball

    how to buy the right birthing ball

    Many times, you must have come across giant and colorful balls at the sports store and gyms. You would be surprised to know that they are actually named birthing ball.

    The yoga experts, physiotherapists and several other fitness enthusiasts usually use these rubber balls. If you are expecting and are planning to get one, you should be equipped with the right information. Women, who want to continue with some exercise routines during pregnancy, can actually do so with these birthing balls.

    Buying the right Size

    If used right, the rubber ball can be your new best friend. It will help you with not only labor and easy delivery but also get back in shape. Nevertheless, the first step is to buy the right one. 

    You need to identify the right fitness ball that will aid you and not harm. Hence, if you are pregnant, you should go for the 65cm to a 75cm ball. However, if you are in a delicate situation, you should be talking with your gynecologist for the safety.

    Researching its Use

    Before you actually begin using it, you should check some articles and video tutorials for it. This way you will be equipped with information on how to use it right and avoid any accidents. The best thing you can do is enroll for few sessions.

    At such sessions, the experts train the expecting mothers to use the birthing ball. It can be painful to sit, sleep and stand comfortably due to the increasing belly weight.

    Avoid C-Section

    This ball is known to increase the blood flow to the uterus. Thus, it strengthens the placenta and is helpful in the growth of the baby. Since you focus on perineum and thighs, you will be strengthening your legs.

    This way you are not only releasing all the tension from the thigh muscles but also relieving your spine from all the pressure. In fact, it is known to induce labor and your chances of C-section cut down drastically.

    Right Exercising

    If you exercise the right way with the birthing ball, you will be working on your pelvic diameter. This way, you will induce your baby in a position that is good for easy and slightly less painful delivery. In fact, you can use the same ball during your labor as well.

    The stress and anxiety tend to get locked up in the spine which makes the labor even more painful. The right pelvic movements and doing light exercises with the birthing ball at home, can facilitate the whole pregnancy period by keeping both the mother and child healthy.

    Post Pregnancy Use

    Many people assume that the fitness ball can be used only during pregnancy. But, it is helpful after pregnancy as well. For instance, if you had stitches, bruises or harsh tearing, sitting on hard surfaces can be painful. The ball stands to be a good option to sit while you have your food.

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    Getting Back in Shape

    One can hunt for ample formations and exercises that will help you tone your body back to its previous shape. This way, you can work out in a mild way without stressing your body. A gentle form of exercising with this birthing ball would release happy hormones thus keeping you slightly less stressed post delivery.

    It is important that you keep your gynecologist updated with your workouts with the birthing ball when you are pregnant. If you had any complications during delivery, you will not want any further. Hence, it is important that you work with caution and safety.

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