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Body Aches: 3 common causes

    Body aches are common health conditions that may arise from tiredness or exercise but can also be a symptom of a hidden medical condition. Though harmless, they can leave you with a feeling of discomfort arising from multiple intermittent pains.

    Body aches, like some health conditions, vary in intensity and frequency. Nevertheless, it isn’t something you should experience. As a heads-up, we have provided you with some common causes of body aches. This list should help you understand the causes of this common issue and when to seek medical conditions. 

    Is body ache a major cause for concern?

    Body aches are associated with several health conditions. The flu is known as one of the most common conditions that can cause body aches. Aches can result from several factors, including your everyday life (especially for those who walk, stand, or exercise for too long).

    While some aches can be cured with a simple rest or home treatment, others (especially those that last a long time) may require a visit to the doctor for proper diagnosis. Aside from providing you with a correct diagnosis, your doctor can set up a long-term treatment plan to relieve your aches, including other associated symptoms.

    Stay glued to learn about the three common causes of body aches.

    1. Stress

    Stress is a common culprit of body aches. When you engage in lots of activities that make you stressed out, your immune system becomes ineffective in responding to inflammation. The result? Your body finds it hard to combat infections or illnesses as it always does. This can cause your body to ache, as it becomes more prone to inflammation and infection that lays siege on it. .

    Keep an eye out for other symptoms of stress and anxiety, like:

    • High blood pressure
    • Irregular high heart rate
    • Hot flashes or cold sweats
    • Hyperventilating
    • Irregular physical shaking
    • Headaches, like tension headaches or migraines

    If you think you are suffering from body aches associated with stress, consider making small changes to your day-to-day activities to reduce your stress. Try these steps:

    • Consider meditating
    • Take a walk or relocate from stressful environments to free yourself from triggers.
    • Be open. Share your feelings of stress with a confidant.

    2. Poor sleep

    Poor sleep can affect your overall health. It can lead to issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and other health conditions you wouldn’t even wish for your enemy.

    Your body’s tissue and cells require proper sleep to remain healthy. But that is not all. Your brain also needs quality sleep to stay refreshed and alert. When you deprive yourself of sleep, you become dull and extremely tired. This can result in pain.

    If your body ache is associated with poor sleep, you need to figure out how to sleep well. And one of the best ways to do that is by implementing good sleeping habits. Good sleeping habits will ensure that you don’t stare at your ceiling when residents of john creek ga are asleep.

    Another thing you’ll have to do is inspect your mattress. If your mattress is sagging or you often wake up in pain, consider visiting one of those reliable mattress stores Johns creek ga, for quality mattresses. A bad mattress can also cause body ache,

    3. Dehydration

    I bet you saw this one coming, didn’t you? Drinking water is associated with several health benefits. On the other hand, dehydration is associated with several health challenges like headache, sleeplessness, decrease in urination, low blood pressure, and of course, body aches. Dehydration hinders the proper functioning of your body. The result? Physical pain, a.k.a., body ache.

    If dehydration is the cause of your body ache, ensure you increase your daily water intake. The recommended daily fluid intake is 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women.


    Body ache can result in discomfort arising from mild or severe pain. The trick to avoiding body aches is quite simple: take good care of your body. Rest well when tired. Drink enough water. Don’t over-stress yourself. Take enough vitamin D. etc. If you take good care of yourself, you won’t have to worry about body aches.