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Boswellia Complex Review

    boswellia complex reviews

    boswellia complex reviews

    Boswellia Complex is a dietary supplement produced by the company Standard Process which was founded back in the distant 1929, and was producing a variety of products since, those meant for human and for animal consumption alike.

    Boswellia Complex is one such product, comprised of a number of herbs, including the namesake boswellia. The supplement’s key trait are excellent anti-inflammatory properties which can make a significant positive impact on all types of inflamed tissue, mainly those of the stomach and the joints.

    On top of that, it supports healthy kidney and cardiovascular functions.

    This supplement comes in the form of tablets, and is available in two different packages of 40 and 120 tablets, each adequately priced.


    boswellia complex ingredients

    This supplement is a mix of a total of four highly beneficial herbs, which are as follows:

    • As mentioned above, the primary ingredient of the Boswellia Complex is the plant boswellia serrata, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is the dominant substance and is what constitutes the bulk of each individual tablet’s makeup.
    • Celery seed also has great anti-inflammatory effects, and is proven to help with issues such as gout, arthritis and high blood pressure. Moreover, it has a positive effect on mental health as well, in that it helps to reduce anxiety.
    • Ginger is most commonly used to counteract all manners of stomach problems. These include, but are not limited to, cases of nausea, bacterial infections, along with more serious conditions caused by HIV or cancer.
    • Turmeric has a wide range of applications and can help combat numerous types of ailments. This includes stomach, liver and joint pain, along with a range of skin problems.

    The list of secondary substances can be found here, should you wish to make sure you are not allergic to anything found in the product, or if it contains anything that is not included in your current diet.


    The Boswellia Complex is designed primarily to help with irritation and inflammation. However, its secondary ingredients’ wide range of beneficial properties also give this supplement some extra potential effects, although those effects would be far less noticeable, given their lower concentration in this particular product.

    boswellia complex reviews

    That said, people who should use Boswellia Complex are:

    • Those who are recovering or recently recovered from any sort of disease or infection affecting the bowels
    • Those who have a naturally irritable stomach
    • Those who suffer from chronic arthritis or recurring joint pain

    In the first case, a physician is likely to recommend using a supplement of this type in order to aid recovery and avoid further irritation. However, as is the rule with such cases, always consult your physician and do not do anything without their knowledge.

    As for the second, more popular application, if you are frequently suffering from any sort of irritation of the stomach, this supplement’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties are sure to be of immense help in alleviating your pain and lessening the symptoms.

    On a more general note, joint pain is a commonly overlooked problem today. While it is commonly seen as something that mainly affects older people, the truth is that pretty much anyone is vulnerable to joint pain.

    What’s more, it can be caused either by intense physical activity or lack thereof, so whatever the case may be, this supplement is an excellent way to prevent joint pain or to reduce it once it has manifested.

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    boswellia complex reviews


    Boswellia Complex reviews by those who have tried it are generally positive, and people mostly have only good things to say about it. Whether people have used it for stomach or joint problems, be it for themselves or their pets, the effects have been overwhelmingly positive and quick to manifest.

    The only prevalent complaint is the bad taste of the tablets and the aftertaste that they leave, but hey – healthy stuff rarely tastes good, so it is just a minor inconvenience to suffer through for the sake of your health.


    There is no doubt about it – the Boswellia Complex works, and it does so admirably. It is an ideal product for anyone dealing with painful tissue inflammations, and offers great value for the price.

    True, it might be on the slightly more expensive side, but given the quality and efficiency of the product, it is well worth it. You don’t have to take mine, or the company’s word on that – simply look at all the satisfied customers whose everyday lives were improved by this herbal mix.

    What’s more, Standard Process is a veteran company with almost a century-long history of customer satisfaction, so you can be sure you’re not paying for any second-grade products.

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    boswellia complex reviews