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Boxing: Your Ticket To Great Health

    Are you tired of being out of shape, scared of the world, and just unhealthy and unhappy in general? If so, engaging in boxing could be the ticket to a new you that you are looking for!


    1. Better Cardio Health

    One big benefit which comes with boxing is that it does wonders for your cardiovascular health. Yes, heart disease is one of the leading cause of deaths among adults, especially in North America. You need to exercise in such a way that raises your heart rate into the cardiovascular zone. In other words, you need to strain your heart to the point where it has to work hard, which will then improve its health.

    Boxing involves a lot of cardiovascular training, such as doing circuit training and skipping rope. This helps to train both your heart and lungs, which then helps with oxygenation of your blood, heart health, lung health, arterial health, and much more. If you want to increase your cardiovascular health, boxing is a really great way to go about it.


    1. Increasing Muscle Strength

    Another reason why boxing is great for your physical health is because it involves a lot of strength training as well. Having strong muscles is quite important. For one, having well-trained muscles assists in having healthy blood flow and blood oxygenation. At the very least, having strong muscles is healthy because it helps make life a lot easier.

    Lugging around those groceries or carrying your kids to bed is made much easier when you have some strong biceps. Moreover, having strong muscles also helps to prevent muscle strains and tears. Not only that, but having stronger muscles also helps to increase your muscular stamina, which is another big part of being healthy.


    1. Working For Bone Health

    Yet another reason why boxing is so good for your health is because it helps increase the strength of your bones. There are many forms of bone disease out there, with degenerative bone diseases in old age being a big problem. These degenerative bone diseases are much more prevalent in people who do not exercise, and these bone diseases can lead to a lot of pain and immobility.

    Well, bones get stronger in much the same way as muscles get bigger and stronger. The more you use them and train them, the stronger they become. You see, when you create an impact and put pressure on your bones, it causes osteoblasts to multiply and become stronger, thus adding bone mass and density to your bones. Therefore, boxing can help improve your bone health in much the same way as it helps to increase cardio and muscle health.


    1. Losing Weight

    The next way in which boxing makes you healthier is by causing you to burn a lot of calories and lose weight. Yes, obesity is another leading factor in the premature death of adults. Simply put, we just eat way too much and don’t exercise nearly enough. Being obese can cause diabetes to develop, it causes heart diseases, liver and kidney failure, bone disease, and so much more. Boxing on a daily basis, or at least several times per week, will allow you to burn off a lot of calories, and therefore burn off those unsightly pounds.

    The more you box, the more you sweat, and ultimately, the more weight you will lose. Another part of this is that if you are serious about boxing, you are also going to change your diet and start eating healthier. It’s another thing that will allow you to lose weight, get more vitamins into your system, and just be much healthier overall.


    1. Better Balance & Reflexes

    Boxing is also great for your balance and reflexes. Now, you might think that this does not have too much to do with health, but it does. Think about it this way; if you are about to slip and fall on ice or any other slippery surface, if you have good balance and fast reflexes, chances are that you will be able to catch yourself before disaster strikes. Well, boxing does a great job at improving your reflexes and balance, thus coming in handy in these kinds of situations.


    1. It’s Great For Depression, Stress, & Anxiety

    Not only is boxing great for physical health, but it also does wonders for mental health. Mental health is becoming an increasingly serious problem, especially among youth. Whether it is depression, stress, or anxiety, mental health issues are serious problems that can have severe short and long term consequences.

    Fortunately, it is shown that exercising decreases various hormones in the brain which are related to these issues, and also increases various hormones in the brain which have the ability to combat these mental health issues.


    1. Meeting Some New People

    Boxing is also a way to meet new people. Chances are that when you go to your local boxing club or health club, that you are not just going to be in your own little world. You are going to meet new people, new friends, and have new people to train with. Humans are not meant to be alone, and if you feel lonely and need to change things up a bit, joining a gym or boxing class can be a great way to go about it.


    1. It’s Great For Your Confidence

    The other reason why boxing will create a whole new you is because it is a great confidence builder. You will be able to punch harder, react quicker, run faster, and if need be, you now know how to defend yourself in a hairy situation. Boxing is a great confidence builder in more ways than one.



    The bottom line is that boxing is great for your health in many different ways. Whether it be physical or mental health, boxing comes with a lot of benefits that will help create a new you.