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Bulletproof Coffee: What is It?

    Like most Americans, I can’t start the day without a cup of coffee – or four! I don’t know what it is, but coffee with a little bit of cream or half and half is my favorite way to start the day. I’m not much of a breakfast eater (I know…), so coffee is in many ways my first “meal” of the day. But what if your morning cup of joe actually was more like a meal? What if your cup of coffee was more nutritious? That’s where bulletproof coffee comes in. Learn more about bulletproof coffee below and why it is the best and most healthy way to start your day. You don’t have to feel bad about enjoying your morning cup of coffee anymore!

    Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients: What’s in it?

    So what is in bulletproof coffee anyway? How is it different from the coffee you already drink the morning? In many ways bulletproof coffee is a lot like your typical cup of coffee. Coffee is obviously the key ingredient in bulletproof coffee, so there’s not much difference there, but the coffee used in bulletproof coffee should be organic and preferably light roast. In general, the coffee you use in bulletproof coffee should be as lightly processed as possible.

    Bulletproof butter coffee ingredients

    Coffee with Butter?

    What other ingredients are in bulletproof coffee? Many Americans will be happy to hear that bulletproof coffee is creamy! But the fatty creaminess of bulletproof coffee doesn’t come from half and half, milk or cream as you would probably assume. The richness of bulletproof coffee actually comes from… butter? Yes, butter. Adding butter is a great way to turn your coffee into a meal! Before you start spooning margarine or Land of Lakes into your coffee cup, you should know that the butter you use to make bulletproof coffee should be grass-fed and organic. While adding butter to the coffee obviously adds fats, the fats and nutrients in grass-fed butter are of higher quality, meaning that your morning cup of coffee will not only give you a pick-me-up from the caffeine, but also from nutrient-dense fats and oils. Vegans sometimes substitute the grass-fed butter for organic coconut oil or MCT oil, also very nutrient dense and good for you.

    What’s the final step in making a cup of bulletproof coffee? Blending it all up into a rich, creamy delicious drink! It not only tastes great, but studies show bulletproof coffee can help with weight loss, too. Worth giving it a try, right? Drink it and enjoy the knowledge that you have just kicked the nutrient content of your morning coffee up a notch. Now you don’t have to feel guilty for skipping breakfast!