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    Wild Alaska black cod or sablefish, is quickly becoming the fish de jour amongst top chefs. The fish is known for its velvety, smooth flavor, its delicate, supple texture and rich oil content. The meat is soft and tender, and melts in your mouth. Given these characteristics, black cod lends itself to a wide variety of cooking methods and styles. Whether you give it an Oriental twist with a miso based marinade, or if you add a little Mediterranean flavor, poaching it with olive oil and thyme. In this article, we discuss the diverse range of black cod recipes, giving you tips and advice on how to get the best flavor out of this exquisite fish. For purchasing and checking sablefish price follow this link.

    Alaska black cod is low in calories and is an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients. In fact, it contains up to 50% more omega-3 fatty oils than salmon. With its moist, tender flake, Alaska cod can be baked, poached, steamed, sauted and even fried. Its unique, mild flavor goes well with a variety sauces and flavored butters as well.

    An Asian Accent

    Many black cod recipes utilize the fragrant, rich ingredients of Asia to accompany the fish’s mild flavor. The internationally renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s black cod recipe with miso is exquisite-in fact, it’s one of actor Robert De Niro’s favorite dishes. To make it combine sake mirin, white miso paste, and a little sugar to form the marinade. Marinate the cod filets overnight. When ready, lightly grill the filets on each side until the surface turns brown. Finally, transfer the filets to the oven and bake for an additional 10-15 minutes. Garnish the filets with green vegetables and a few drops of the marinade. Another similar recipe comes from acclaimed Iron Chef Masaharu morimoto. His dish uses a combination of sake, fresh ginger, sugar, soy sauce, tamari and mirin. Pour the sake into a deep skillet, add the ginger and the cod filets; cook over high heat for 3 minutes; add the sugar and cook over medium heat for another three minutes. Add the soy sauce and the tamari; cook for five minutes then add the mirin. Pour the sauce over the fish to create a sweet glaze. Transfer to a plate and enjoy.

    Baked and Broiled

    Other black cod recipes involve lightly marinating the fish and baking it alongside vegetables. Chef Laurent Tourondel marinates his cod with a mesmerizing mix of acacia honey, grape seed oil, soy sauce, and white wine vinegar. The cod is broiled and then served with sauted spinach. You might also enjoy the cod roasted with leeks, onions and cider butter. Or try it with olives and potatoes; season the fish with lemon, olive oil and oregano and bake it in the oven with potatoes. It’s simple yet delicious.

    There are many black cod recipes out there. Try out different recipes and find the one that suits you best. Then try your own variations. Black cod lends itself to experimentation – don’t be afraid to get creative.