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Cable row: best exercises in cable machines

    Usually, in gyms there are a huge number of machines. Some are very popular, some are not very. But one of them clearly stands out from the rest. Cable row is a very useful exercise that helps you work out your back and build muscle.

    Low row on a seated row machine: proper form, muscles worked

    Exercise is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. Sitting block pulls help pump the entire upper back. Even hands are included in the work, which favorably affects their growth.When pulling a block while sitting, it is recommended that you do not lean back. Posture should be kept steady and slow, while pulling a special bar to the top of the chest under control.


    Behind-the-neck lat pulldown: how-to, proper form

    This exercise to a greater extent activates the upper back and the widest. The pull of the upper block behind the head can be performed as a direct grip, and reverse. It is best to do with the trainer so that he can follow your technique and, if necessary, make adjustments. As in the previous version, the posture when performing traction of the upper block behind the head should be flat and should be done slowly.


    Best cable back exercises: Lat pulldown

    This exercise can be safely called the most popular in working with the block. The pull of the upper block to the chest develops remarkable muscles of the back, making them thicker and stronger. If you carry out the traction of the upper block to the chest technically, you can decently increase the mass in a short period of time, which will favorably affect your strength.


    The thrust of the upper block to the chest is best for beginners, because, in fact, this exercise is a replacement for pull-ups. Many beginners can not pull themselves up even once, so they should start with a block pull to the chest. Over time, the back muscles will get stronger, the weights will grow and you will be able to switch to the horizontal bar to work with your weight already.


    The first and main mistake that many beginners make is the deviation of the body during the exercise with steroids click. When you pull the weight to the chest, the body should remain virtually immobile. No need to jerk back, thereby helping to complete the exercise. It is very inefficient and there is a high probability of injury.


    Before working in the simulator, you need to warm up the unit’s thrust. Particular attention should be paid to the lumbar. Never start immediately with large weights. Add a little weight a little, and then after a short time you will notice how the mass grows, and the back becomes wider.