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Can Castor Oil Restore Hair Shine? Let’s Find Out!

    Shiny hair is a dream come true, for both women and men. You can go out with no makeup or puffy face, but as long as your hair looks great, you’re halfway done looking presentable. That’s the magic of hair, and that kind of hair that always looks lustrous can only be gained with the right ingredients. Today’s focus is on natural hair care products: castor oil!

    Is Castor Oil A Good Option As A Hair Shine Oil?

    After trying a plethora of expensive hair masks only to end up with no permanent results, you’ll find your miraculous solution is none other than castor oil!

    Starting with where it originates, castor oil comes from the seeds of the castor bean plant or Ricinus communis. This plant usually comes from Africa and other subtropical regions. Throughout history, you’ll read about castor oil for its many, many benefits, from medicinal to cosmetic.

    As for your aim of getting shiny hair, here’s how castor oil can make it happen:

    Increases strength of strands…

    Remember, hair shine comes after hair strength. Weak and brittle hair does not exude that luster you crave. Lucky for you, castor oil contains essential fatty acids and nutrients that protect your hair from damage. 

    Castor oil treats the roots, shafts, and ends of your hair. Think of castor oil as a means of fortifying your hair from top to bottom.

    Prevents breakage and falling…

    Once again, weak hair is NOT shiny hair. Hair prone to easy breaking and falling has a hard time gaining and retaining shine, which is why it is important to address any hair fall and breakage problems you may have before you get to see the sheen. Hair weakening can happen for a lot of reasons, such as:

    • Side effects of poor diet or medication
    • Post-partum falling estrogen levels
    • Hard water or poor water quality for washing

    Thanks to its incredible ability to stimulate blood circulation, castor oil can make your strands healthier and stronger. With regular use, you’re bound to get those envy-inducing locks!

    Acts as a natural conditioner… 

    Castor oil is the perfect solution if you want an affordable and simple way to add gloss to your hair. By consistently using this organic oil, you condition your hair from the roots, increasing shine. Rich in oleic and linoleic acids, this castor oil can rejuvenate your hair like never before.

    In addition to acting as a natural conditioner, castor oil also maintains the softness of your hair. Warming up the oil and massaging it into your scalp boosts blood circulation, ultimately enhancing both hair growth and shine. 

    Alleviates dryness and itchiness…

    A dehydrated scalp is an unhealthy scalp. An unhealthy scalp means dry and lackluster hair. Plus, scalp infections are more prevalent during winter months for good reason: your scalp tends to become irritated faster when there is insufficient hydration. 

    Castor oil is a moisturizer for your hair. For a scalp that’s up to the mark on hydration levels and to relieve dryness, make sure to regularly use castor oil. Plus, this oil prevents the growth of various bacterial and fungal infections that compromise your scalp health.

    Combats dandruff during winters…

    Although dandruff-ridden hair and shiny hair can coexist, consistently present dandruff eventually diminishes shine. Gone untreated, the flakiness on your scalp does not allow the roots to breathe properly. 

    Castor oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities, which is why it nourishes your scalp—preventing dandruff. Dandruff also triggers the itch to scratch, which damages your hair. So, it’s best that you start oiling your hair with castor oil promptly!

    Smoothens and nourishes ends…

    Split ends happen because your hair is dry. Split ends and jaded hair appearance go together, plus split ends themselves ruin that seamless, shiny appearance you are working hard to achieve!

    Not only does castor oil serve as a natural conditioner, but it also works wonders in repairing split ends. Don’t forget, it is important to get a hair trim and split end cut before you start a hair nourishment routine with castor oil. Then, by regularly applying castor oil, you can prevent those troubling split ends.

    How To Apply Castor Oil For Hair Shine

    Is castor oil for hair shine? Yes, but it matters how you apply it too! Here are some ways for you to incorporate castor oil into your daily hair care routine:

    1. You can use castor oil as a leave-in conditioner after shampooing. Like applying any other conditioner, start at the mid-length and go down to the roots, giving more attention to the ends. 
    2. Make your own hair mask by mixing castor oil with other hair oils such as coconut or jojoba. You can also create a nourishing hair mask using eggs, yogurt, and castor oil. Make sure to wash it well using shampoo to prevent any residue…
    3. A relaxing hot oil massage using castor oil is a great way to boost blood flow and improve hair shine. Once you’ve applied the oil to your scalp and strands, wrap a warm towel around your head. Wash it off after 20 to 40 minutes. 

    Approaching castor oil hair care with care…

    Although generally safe, there are some important factors to consider before using castor oil. First, castor oil is quite sticky on its own, which can make it difficult to apply. Mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil to make the application smoother—as well as reduce the strong odor. 

    Next, because of the viscosity and stickiness, castor oil does not go away with just one round of shampooing. Also, castor oil eventually goes rancid, so check the bottle label for an expiration date before using it.

    Lastly, castor oil does stain, and does not wash easily from fabric either! When you go for a castor oil mask or hot oil massage, wear something you don’t mind getting messy!

    Bottom Line: Is Castor Oil The Perfect Hair Care Remedy?

    Shiny hair, here we come! There’s no denying the countless advantages of adding castor oil to your hair care regimen. It stimulates hair growth, fortifies your strands, and enhances shine to the extent that your hair becomes the envy of those around you. What’s not to love?