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Can Diabetes Be Reversed? A Slow And Steady Process Can Change The Game For You!

    In the days of long working hours, poor lifestyle and even worse eating habits, health issues are growing at an alarming rate. And one of the most hazardous yet easily ignored health evils is that of diabetes. 

    Caused due to an imbalance in blood glucose, diabetes has started targeting people of even younger age groups. Interesting fact is more than 30 million people in the US alone have diabetes and only 25% of them know that they have it.

    While earlier it was less prevalent, the number of diabetic cases is only increasing. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of diabetes which occur in people. They are classified as, Type I and Type II. There are some more details as well which can be classified into other finer details, but here we will focus on only these two first.

    With Type I diabetes, the illness affects your pancreas and the insulin production lessens over time, while Type II diabetes, the cells become insulin resistant and pancreas struggles to keep up with demand of more insulin.

    Type I diabetes can get a bit difficult and tricky because of the autoimmune component. Keeping inflammation low calms down your immune system so you can preserve the insulin-producing beta cells in your pancreas that you still have.

    Type II diabetes is more responsive to diet and lifestyle changes, and countless people have had success reversing their diabetes by taking control of their diet and life.

    Another very important factor is being aware of your family’s health history. It is a general belief that parents with diabetes can sometimes pass it on to their children and in the family line. Therefore, it is important to be aware at the right time and take precautions before the evil gets to you and a lifelong medication stare back at you. 

    Once diabetes is detected, the first question that comes to anyone’s mind, is if it can be reversed. 

    Since, many people are put on lifelong medications and However, certain steps can ensure that your diabetes gets reversed and you can live a hassle-free lifestyle. While the transformation in your medical condition can be a gradual process, it surely can affect you for a better. 

    1) A healthy diet can do wonders to your body!

    If you have been diagnosed with diabetes – any kind – it is very important to pay attention to what you are consuming. Since the basic cause of diabetes is the glucose not getting consumed by cells and getting stored as fat in your body instead, a healthy and proper diet is the building block for your reverse diabetes program.

     A healthy diet can not only cure you of diabetes, but can also affect your behavior and outlook towards life. 

    Studies have suggested that a healthy diet, irrespective of medical condition, boosts your confidence and makes you happier, since you are looking after yourself in the best way possible. 

    Now, when it comes to taking care of your diet, the first step is to cook food with little or no oil. Excessive oil comes in the way of your body processing the sugar; therefore, it is very important to have less oil. 

    You should also avoid having animal products, including dairy products which are full of fat and contain zero fiber. Plan your diet around plant-based meals, which are low in fat and can trigger body’s insulin levels to become normal.

    Alternatively, Keto diet is also considered a very good option to fight diabetes.  Studies have suggested that a diet which is high in fat, low on carbs can reverse diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. Reducing carbs and upping your intake of high-quality fats reduces fat in your blood, which in turn lowers your risk of diabetes.

    2)      Exercise regularly for a better lifestyle

    While exercising is considered good for your body regardless of health condition, it becomes very important to do it when you have been diagnosed with diabetes.  While different kinds of exercise affect the different body types, yoga should be given special attention. 

    Studies suggest that yoga can restore balance in your body and also completely reverse the condition of diabetes. The yoga postures can lead to contractions and relaxations of abdomen muscles. This triggers the pancreas, increases blood and oxygen supply, leading to revitalizing the pancreatic cells and improving their ability to produce insulin. This is also possible by yoga breathing practices.  As for meditation, it relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, which helps in the proper functioning of the endocrine glands.

    Besides this, regular morning walk can also prove to be very handy. It might look at a slow process but is very effective.  Many homemade remedies are also available to reverse diabetes, but we always believe in taking up the diet based on your body type and lifestyle. A good nutritionist can help you overcome the dilemma of what suits your body type.

    3)      Don’t forget your medicines

    This is one of the most important points of this entire article. The most important part is to never forget your dosage. There are multiple prescribed as well as OTC diabetes medicines available in the market.

    My recommendation is to go to the doctor and get your treatment done properly. 

    If you have been taking the meds for long time and if you are aware about the ingredients, dosage information, side effects of other similar medicines, you can always prefer your suitable OTC provider either over the web or a store.

    4)      Keeping tabs on sugar intake

    While a normal belief would suggest that sugar needs to be completely cut down, researchers suggest otherwise. The intake of sugar can depend on many factors. 

    You must consult your doctor and check which option works best for you. Certain conditions may require you to cut down sugar, others would demand you to limit it while in many medical conditions, and you could be advised to only take artificial sweeteners.

    While reversing a health illness may look like a very difficult task, following the above mentioned, basic steps can lead to a better lifestyle. A simple, disciplined lifestyle, with the right diet, workout and awareness about your diabetic condition, can help you lead a less stressful lifestyle. 

    However, in any case, we would always recommend that you keep yourself medically checked and in touch with your doctor to be aware of where you stand. 

    Unfortunately, diabetic conditions can lead to many other illnesses which can get urgent and severe in certain situations. So, it is always better to be pro- active with your health and stay alert to what is happening in your body. 

    Author Bio:

    Raj is an enthusiastic writer on health & nutrition topics. He has been working in this industry for more than five years now. Lately, he has started working as a freelance health writer to share the knowledge he has gained over the years. He also writes about fitness, lifestyle & nutrition. Other than his work, he loves playing outdoor sports.