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Can HEPA Air Purifiers Capture the Coronavirus? 

    2020 will always be remembered as the year of Covid-19. The virus has spread all across the globe, infecting millions of the world’s population. Some sufferers have had little to no symptoms, however others, especially the elderly, have had to go to the hospital for treatment. There have been well over a million deaths in 2020 due to the virus. Most of us have had dramatic changes in our lifestyles. Offices, gyms, schools, shops, etc. are all trying to adapt to the ‘’new normal’’. 

    Experts have advised us to stay at home, wear masks, and practice social distancing when coming in contact with other people to help reduce the spread of the virus. Many people are wondering if HEPA air purifiers can help us battle the fight against covid-19. The truth is, yes, but only if it is used correctly.

    Why Do People Use Air Purifiers?

    Air purifiers are very popular devices that people add to their homes or places of work to help filter allergens and pollutants in a room. They can be a great way to improve a room’s odor, to prevent people who suffer from allergies or asthma from getting symptoms, to help reduce the amount of mold in a room, and more. There are lots of different air purifiers on the market available today, and because of their popularity, they come in different shapes and sizes. Prices also tend to vary, so you are sure to be able to purchase an air purifier that fits in with your budget. So, having an air purifier in your home or office can have great advantages, but especially now during the pandemic

    Can Run A HEPA Air Purifier Help Stopping The Spread Of Covid-19?

    If one of your family members or anyone else that might live in the same household gets the virus they need to go into quarantine. This is a room that allows them to have no contact with others living inside the house, and to give them time to self-isolate so they don’t spread the virus to others. By running a HEPA air purifier you can help reduce the risk of caregivers and members of the household catching the virus. Most experts believe that Covid-19 travels by droplets that are expelled from the sufferer’s body by breathing, coughing, sneezing, and talking. In most cases these droplets fall directly to the ground however others can remain in the air. As the virus is still at its early stages, not a lot of research has been carried out to see if HEPA air purifiers offer more success than simply opening a door or window. However, sometimes rooms that are used to self-isolate are often small and the air circulation might not be very good, so having an air purifier should prove to be a great purchase. Perhaps doing some research online to see what are the most efficient air-purifiers, consistent with doctors.

    Where Should I Put My HEPA Air Purifier?

    You must put your air purifier in the correct position to get the best out of the device. If you are using it for a room that is used to self-isolate perhaps putting it in the corner of the room, close to the vents of an air conditioning unit, or in the middle of the room might be some of your best options. Many people like to put them close to their beds as they can help you have a good night’s sleep. Probably keeping it around 8 feet away from your bed would be ideal so it won’t affect your sleep pattern as some can be a little bit noisy. Placing it behind a curtain or under a sofa won’t help the purifier reach its full potential.

    How Should I Clean Or Replace The Filter?

    Make sure to keep the purifier clean by washing or replacing the filter every so often. The filter should only be handled by the person who is infected with the virus as this is a possible way Covid-19 can spread. When you do take the filter out, make sure that you wear a mask and gloves. Also, clean it outdoors to prevent the dust and the particles from spreading around your home. Make sure to read the instructions given with the air purifier to guide you on how to clean or replace the filter. Some devices don’t allow you to rinse the filter as it could cause damage to both the filter and the air purifier. If you have misplaced the instruction manual you should be able to download the official manual from the manufacturer’s website.