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Can Instant Noodles Be Healthy?

    Instant noodles are the popular choice of food that’s eaten by people all around the world.


    Because instant noodles are pre-cooked food that gets packed in individual packets or cups and sold out in the market. It is also an inexpensive choice that can be afforded by everyone. As the name suggests, it can be prepared within a few minutes with minimum cooking skills needed. Generally, a packet of instant noodles contains layers of dried noodles and a sachet of a tastemaker in it.

    Do you know “How instant noodles are made?”

    Since the invention of instant noodles, the production process has not changed too much till now. The ingredients (like flour, oil and salt etc) are mixed together and kneaded to form a dough.

    The dough is rolled out and then cut into thin strips. The noodles are then steamed and packed, a single unit of noodles with a sachet of the tastemaker is packed after the completion of the dehydration process.

    Now, do you want to know what ingredients are commonly used for making instant noodles and their tastemaker? 

    Let us discuss.

    Here is the list of main ingredients involved:

    • Noodles- Refined wheat flour, palm oil, wheat gluten, iodized salt, thickener and acidity regulator etc. 
    • Tastemaker or Seasoning Mix-  Mixed spices or powders, Iodised Salt, Wheat gluten, palm oil Thickeners, Acidity regulators, Sugar, Edible starch, Flavor enhancer and Mineral (Ferric pyrophosphate). 

    Though instant noodles are easily available and convenient to eat, there is a debate whether instant noodles cause any harm to health or not. This is because they contain a high amount of MSG, sodium and few nutrients. Daily consumption of noodles is not recommended for a human being as it can cause health issues like stomach ache, indigestion problems etc as it contains not so healthy ingredients as mentioned above.

    Let’s discuss some pros and cons of instant noodles

    The pros are:

    1. Obviously, Instant noodles are delicious in taste, that’s the reason they are so popular among every gen of people.
    2. They are easily accessible everywhere from hard to climb mountains to chill beaches.
    3. Instant noodles are easy to make because mostly they don’t require anything except maybe a glass of hot water.
    4. It saves your valuable time that otherwise gets consumed while cooking another variety of food.
    5. To enhance its taste and make it healthier. You can simply add fresh veggies to it. 

    The cons are:

    1. For health-conscious people eating instant noodles is not going to turn out to be a favourable idea.
    2. The daily consumption of instant noodles leads to a poor diet as it has a high amount of calories which can term out to many health related issues like obesity, stomach ache etc.
    3. The instant noodles contain monosodium glutamate(MSG), a food additive associated with many diseases like weight gain, high blood pressure, nausea etc.

    How to make instant noodles healthier?

    If you want to enjoy a cup of noodles occasionally, then there are several ways to make it healthier. 

    Choosing the instant noodles which are made from whole grains or wheat flour. It leads to an increase in stamina and fibre in the body.

    There are some instant noodles which are low in sodium and it helps to bring the intake of low sodium for the day.

    There are a few brands that sell some healthier varieties of instant noodles, which are rich in protein, and low in fat. 

    Adding some fresh vegetables and a good source of protein enhances the nutritional value while making instant noodles.


    Instant noodles are pocket friendly, easily accessible, great in taste and convenient in cooking. Also, they get ready instantly saving a lot of time with reference to cooking another type of snack. 

    Though this instant dish is not so healthy being high in sodium and low in protein. Additionally, the not-so- healthy preservatives are the reason for instant noodles having a long shelf life . The weight-watchers and health-conscious people may part ways from it.

    Despite most choices in the market being unhealthful, a few brands do exist offering a healthier version of our favorite instant noodles. 

    Instant noodles can not be your daily go-to meal or snack as they are low in nutrients and can mess up with your diet. Occasionally having some lip-smacking noodles won’t compromise your fitness goals if you are maintaining it otherwise. Moderation is the key! Customize it with a variety of vegetables and protein sources to make it healthy and even more tasty.