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Can Invisalign Ruin Your Teeth?

    Nearly one in four people are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment as an adult.

    If you suffer from a bite issue or other orthodontic problems as an adult, you might not seek resolution due to cosmetic concerns. No adult wants to wear braces for very long.

    You may know about Invisalign and have questions.

    Is Invisalign safe? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

    Is Invisalign Plastic Safe?

    Invisalign treatment is a transparent plastic alternative to metal braces. They solve mild and moderate bite issues like crowding and crooked teeth without the intrusive and unsightly appearance of major dental appliances.

    We all know the dangers of plastics. So it’s logical to wonder whether keeping Invisalign in your mouth for extended periods will have adverse health effects.

    Is the plastic in Invisalign safe? Is Invisalign safe during pregnancy? Yes and yes!

    They’re made from medical-grade polyurethane resin and contain no bisphenol-A (BPA) shown to cause cancer.

    These aligners also have FDA approval. You can wear them and feel confident you or your child will not experience any harmful side effects or health dangers.

    Is Invisalign Safe for Celiacs?

    Celiac disease is a gluten allergy, and over one million United States citizens suffer from it. Should a celiac sufferer ingest gluten, they could experience digestive issues and fatigue.

    Did you know gluten is a common additive for orthodontic retainers? Many of these dental appliances contain plasticized methacrylate polymer made from gluten.

    Many young people and adults alike who suffer from gluten intolerance have adverse reactions to traditional retainers.

    You don’t have to worry about Invisalign. Aside from being BPA-free, Invisalign contains no gluten or plastics made from gluten.

    Is Invisalign Safe for Older Adults?

    There’s no need to worry about Invisalign if you’re an older adult. This orthodontic treatment has no age limit. Many older adults prefer Invisalign over other methods due to its appearance.

    Bone density is a concern for elderly adults, but there’s no need to fear. Straightening your teeth at any age has far more pros than cons.

    Is Invisalign Safe for Teeth Grinders?

    You might have concerns about Invisalign if you grind your teeth. You shouldn’t worry. Invisalign and teeth grinding are safe. Wearing the aligners might prove beneficial for the health of your teeth.

    You change your aligners weekly, eliminating the worry of long-term damage. The plastic also prevents further tooth wear while grinding, and your constant clenching keeps the Invisalign apparatus in place.

    Invisalign Is Safe and Effective

    Malocclusions cause pain and discomfort. They’re also sources of cosmetic embarrassment that people don’t deal with because they don’t want to wear braces.

    Many people are now using Invisalign to solve their bite issues. Is Invisalign safe? Absolutely!

    These aligners contain no harmful additives and are safe for people of all ages. Don’t wait to fix your teeth issues out of fear. Try Invisalign today.

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