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Can Kratom help you deal with migraine attacks?


    Kratom has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years due to the buzz around its potential medicinal benefits. Amongst the most prominent benefit that people have been using it for is its pain-relieving properties. These properties of Kratom come in very handy for people who struggle with migraines and wish to experiment with a herbal remedy. However, since migraine attacks can last from several hours to days in extreme cases, it is crucial to find a way to deal with it without the intake of chemical-based compounds that often lead to dependency issues. So, if you wish to explore Kratom and its effectiveness in managing migraines, simply look up Kratom near me 

    Understanding migraine and its effects:

    A migraine is a severe pulsing sensation or throbbing pain in the head. It can impact a particular side of the head and can be accompanied by extreme sensitivity to light & sound, vomiting, and nausea. The severe pain can last for hours and, in extreme cases, days. If left untreated and undiagnosed, migraines can interfere with your daily activities. It is essential to understand that migraines can affect children and adults and often progress through four stages. In order to treat migraines, it is crucial to understand their stages:

    Prodrome:  This stage consists of subtle changes that are signs of migraines. These include cases of mood changes, excessive yawning, stiffness, cravings, and constipation. etc., these symptoms may occur one or two days before a migraine.

    Aura: These are reversible symptoms of the nervous system. These are visual phenomena that may occur before or during migraines. These symptoms can build up gradually and can last for several minutes. It can be in the form of seeing flashes of light, bright spots, and in some cases, numbness in the face and difficulty in speaking.

    Attack: A migraine attack varies from person to person and can last anywhere between 5 hours to 2-3 days. The attack can be accompanied by pain like throbs or pulses, sensitivity to light, sound and smell, vomiting, etc.

    Post-drome: Some people experience feeling drained and washed out. This is a symptom of the post-drome stage. 

    Kratom and its pain-relieving properties:

    Kratom is an evergreen tropical tree, and the veins of the leaves of the tree contain natural compounds that give Kratom its potential pain-relieving properties. The leaves have been used in Southeast Asia for managing pain for over 150 years now. The evergreen tree is grown extensively across Southeast Asia as the climatic condition and soil are ideal for high-quality kratom cultivation. The leaves of the kratom tree are then cut, dried in the sun, and crushed into a powder-like consistency that is ready to be consumed by users. 

    The core ingredients that give Kratom its properties are alkaloid compounds mitragynine and narcotic 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Even though the research around its effectiveness is underway, the results observed so far are promising. One of the main active ingredients, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, binds with the delta and mu-opioid receptors located throughout the body, which helps reduce the body’s sensitivity towards pain. 

    Additionally, since Kratom also activates and deactivates specific signals, it helps the body deal with pain. Furthermore, the fact that migraines can be triggered due to anxiety or insomnia, the relaxing and antidepressant properties of Kratom can help reduce migraines caused by such conditions. 

    Can Kratom deal with migraines?


    Migraines are often undiagnosed and untreated. Over 35 million people across the USA suffer from migraines, and Kratom may play a crucial role in offering relief from it. 7-Hydroxymitragynine, an active ingredient in Kratom, has the potential to offer relief from pain, and it has been observed to provide relief from the pain associated with migraines. Additionally, since Kratom allows a user to feel energized and increases the blood flow and release of happy hormones, it can aid a person deal with symptoms before and after a migraine attack. Since Kratom is a natural ingredient that offers relief like opiate painkillers, it is a safer alternative to chemical-based opiates. Since chemical-based painkillers can lead to abuse, dependency issues, and in extreme cases, fatal respiratory distress, Kratom offers a safer profile. Kratom can also help people get better sleep and relaxation, which can help ease effects like chronic fatigue and insomnia associated with migraines. Kratom can be easily consumed; people can either consume it as powder, pills or brewed as tea.

    Ideal strain to use and the right dosage of Kratom:

    The warning signal associated with migraines can show up before the attack takes effect. Addressing the symptoms of migraines early and getting access to good quality Kratom can help deal with the headaches with ease. However, it is essential to choose between the multiple strain of Kratom like red, green, and white stains. While all the strains effectively offer relief from pain, there are some additional effects that each strain provides; therefore, it is vital to consult an expert before deciding the strain and dosage of Kratom to get the best results. It is essential to highlight that the green and red strain gives a relaxing effect; the white strain allows a person to feel more energized. Since the research on Kratom is still underway, little is known about its effects. You must consume it in small doses first and gradually increase the amount after consultation with your doctor and its effect on your migraine symptoms. 

    A final word:

    Having a throbbing migraine is a condition that can affect anyone. Intense or mild, a migraine is not a condition that should be taken lightly as it can lead to additional health complications and can last anywhere between 2-3 hours to 2-3 days. While people have been using chemical-based painkillers for quite some time, they often lead to abuse and dependency cases. However, with a sudden inclination of people towards herbal remedies, Kratom has seen a tremendous increase in demand. People have been using the different strains of Kratom for quite some time and are vouching for its effectiveness. However, it is important to understand that excessive and unwarranted use of Kratom must be avoided as it has potent ingredients that may cause unwelcome consequences.