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Can Medical Marijuana Ease Discomfort In Cats?

    Some people may laugh at the fact of giving your cat medical marijuana.  People believe marijuana is a more heathy/natural substitute rather than the use of veterinary prescription medications.The idea of giving your pet cbd is still in the controversial stage and some pet owners are yet to be convinced it offers any beneficial contributions. This oil has also shown to benefit both dogs and cats. That’s why you can also consider CBD hemp oil for dogs to give to your other four-legged friends. It can certainly help with various health problems and ease the pain!

    Medical marijuana has been used for human consumption to help with the symptoms of terminal cancer from pain, nausea and irritation. America has legalized it but only in some states. According to Programming Insider, there has been a few positive responds to the use of pet cbd in America.

    It was used in a few elderly cats with joint pain and the cats seemed to respond to the cbd well.
    People are hopeful that the use of pets cbd will be looked upon in a more positive way and be used more and more in veterinary hospitals for pain management, and behavioural problems such as anxiety. Cbd for use in cats is not to be looked on as a cure for everything and there may still be a need for prescribed medications.

    How can medical marijuana benefit your feline?

    Results will be different for each individual cat but cbd oil for cats can help to control chronic pain and inflammation that can be associated with bowel disease, arthritis and feline urinary tract disease. Cats that suffer epileptic seizures have had positive results with the marijuana reducing the intensity of seizures and how often they appear. Learn more about CBD oils here.

    It can help to decrease nausea in unwell cats and help to stimulate appetites.
    It has been used quite successfully in the aid of reducing cancer symptoms.Medical marijuana can help with reducing spasms of cats suffering asthma and breathingdifficulties.Offers support to the immune system when there are problems like food intolerance and immune diseases.

    Is it concerning to be getting your feline friend high?

    CBD which is a compound in the plant blocks the effects of THC which gives off the joyous feeling. Cbd oil for cats is altered to focus on enhancing the benefits but lowering the effects of THC
    It is still not legal for veterinaries to prescribe cannabis for animals as it is a controlled substance in the same category as heroin.

    Dr Douglas Kramer advocated for more search on marijuana research for medicinal purposes.
    He believed although there had been positive changes to animals using pet cbd there still needed to be research done to look at the future risks and long-term changes.

    Cannabis products

    Cannabis treatments for animals is also known as hemp supplements. These supplements come in either a solution or a capsule. These are formulated especially for pets, so they can access the medical benefits but without causing your feline to feel the ‘high’ feeling.
    It is best to get vet cbd advice ads cannabis use can be either stimulating or sedating depending on the amount used and the frequency which is why you need to speak to a vet prior to use.

    Medical cbd oil often has a better effect when used with other treatments. Using cbd oil for your pet can allow you to decrease the amount of prescribed medication like those treatments used with chemotherapy. If your feline is having chemo he or she may havedecreased appetite and nausea and given medication to help with these symptoms. This is where cannabis comes in helping with nausea and loss of appetite, so you may be able to take kitty off those prescribed meds.

    Side effects of pet cbd

    There are little known side effects when using this oil if of course it is used correctly.
    Tiredness and feeling weak can be associated in the first few days of use but soon subsides. Sometimes in pets you can see softer bowel movements and more frequently. There have been a few reports of skin irritation as well, but this is rare but in these cases, seek veterinary advice and discontinue use.

    In states where cbd oil for cats is legal there has been many cases of cats taken to the vet due to an overdose on cannabis and can become a serious problem if not treated immediately.
    Different size dogs will have different dose sizes to one another. People tend to just give pets a little less than they would have, and this is how pets are accidentally being overdosed.

    The weight ratio between humans and animals is different and needs to be taken into account when thinking about treating your cat with cbd oil without speaking to your vet first.

    Medical hemp oil does have a place in the world of felines to help treat a wide range of problems and we hope that in 2-3 years’ time most states will be legal in the use of cannabis to felines.
    As more information gets out to the public about the use of cbd oil for cats more people are considering it for their cats. There is still research that needs to be done on the side effects and long-term effects it has on your pet. There are cases where it has given positive changes to pets but is still frowned upon by the veterinary association. Cannabis can cause harm to cats if not taken correctly, stopped abruptly or if you choose to give your cat cannabis without first seeking advice on the correct dosage and frequency.

    Make sure to store the vet cbd oil away from pets reach to avoid them chewing into it and suffering from an overdose the same goes for children keep out of reach.

    Always seek medical advice before giving your pet any sort of medication or drugs to be sure you aren’t doing anything that could harm your feline friend. If your feline suffers from any sort of medical condition or you think cannabis oil could benefit your cat you can seek advice from a veterinary clinic and certainly look into what it is all about and the beneficial effects it can have.