Can you build muscle mass with bodyweight exercises?

Some people want to build body mass in order to look good, others simply want to be more toned and physically capable. There are also plenty of people who need to build muscle mass because they have been ill or bed-ridden and need to rebuild muscle that they lost.

You’ll often find that bodyweight exercises are used in physiotherapy in Mascot and other places.

It’s not an easy process and there are no shortcuts. But the short answer is yes, you can build muscle mass with bodyweight exercises.

What Are Bodyweight Exercises

You’re probably familiar with weight lifters and the range of movements they perform in order to lift as much weight as possible. A weight lifter or bodybuilder will lift weights in order to build strength.  However, if you’re not ready to hit the gym and don’t have a set of dumbbells at home then you can undertake bodyweight exercises.

In short, these are exercises that require you to lift your own weight, such as chin-up, or even planks. 

How Bodyweight Exercises Build Muscle Mass

When weightlifters build muscle they pick up heavyweights. The idea is to push their muscles to the limits. In the process they’ll create tiny micro-tears in their muscles, when the tears heal they’ll be stronger, increasing the lifting strength and muscle definition of each muscle.

However, it should be noted that this is very effective at building muscles for a toned body, It’s not going to lead to huge muscle growths. In order to really grow muscles you need the mechanical tension that happens when you try to lift something very heavy. 

For example, when you try to pick something off the ground that weighs a lot more than you do, all the muscles in your body have to work together; Getting the weight of the ground creates mechanical tension and this forces your muscles to grow

Muscle Damage

Whether you’re doing bodyweight exercises or the tougher weightlifting exercises, you’ll find that your muscles start to burn when they get tired. This can make them look bigger but is also a sign that you are pushing your limits and your muscles are growing.

You know that you’ve caused muscle damage when you feel sore between 24-48 hours after your workout. Although this soreness isn’t essential, it does show that what you’re doing is working. 

When To Bodyweight Exercise

If you’re new to exercising and lifting then bodyweight exercises are a great way to get started and commence the muscle-building process. It’s also a common solution prescribed by physiotherapists to help recovery from injuries.

However, your body is exceptionally good at adapting and if you do the same exercises every day it will soon get used to them, you won’t get the same muscle growth as you did at the start.

Unless you’re going to start lifting weights, you’ll need to keep your bodyweight exercise routine varied, this will help to keep them effective.

Don’t forget, the average person can only add 1-2 pounds of muscle a month, it will be a slow process. 

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