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Care of a Crystal Nail File

    The main features of crystal nail file care at home. Advantages and characteristics of a crystal nail file made of high-quality Bohemian glass. Taking care of nails is essential for everyone. To avoid making harm to nails, it is necessary to choose proper tools. One of the leaders on the market today is a crystal nail file. Let’s see how to take care of it to enjoy its durability and properties for years.

    Crystal Nail File: Your Best Manicure Assistant

    The range of modern manicure tools has the undisputed leader in hygienic and ergonomic characteristics. It is a glass nail file, which is considered to be the best nail file for many reasons. This tool has a lot of advantages. Its service life is almost endless, the characteristic that simple metal files cannot boast of. Therefore, if you still cannot decide whether you need to buy glass nail file for quality nail care or not, the answer is simple — of course, you do. And now, you will find out why.

    Features of Crystal Nail File Care

    When buying a crystal nail file, many are interested in how long do glass nail files last? If used strictly for their intended purpose, crystal nail files are not erased and have a long service life.

    Using a crystal file implies smoothly sliding the tool around the edge of the nail plate. When working with artificial nails, a glass nail file must be periodically moistened with water.

    At home, this accessory is used individually. So, if you are worried about how to clean glass nail file, be sure you do not need any special tools. You can use a simple sponge and soapy water and then wipe it dry with a napkin. In beauty salons, disinfectant treatment and sterilization are required.

    Although all manufacturers emphasize the durability of their products, it is better to handle them carefully and protect them from mechanical damage that usually occurs after falling from a height onto hard surfaces. It’s better to use a protective case for storage and transportation.

    By visiting, you can find the best crystal nail file made from high-quality Bohemian glass, which is distinguished by its strength and functionality.

    The catalog contains files with grit for natural nails of soft and hard texture. These nail files are ideal not only for natural nails but also for artificial ones. After using it, the nail plate will not flake or break.

    Crystal Nail Files: Advantages and Characteristics

    Recently, crystal nail files have become increasingly popular. However, they were previously used only by experienced nail masters. Glass nail file today confidently competes with similar metal products. Choosing from all the variety, Zamberg experts suggest paying attention to the convincing advantages of such a model:

    • Low level of trauma. The processing takes place without the formation of burrs and delamination of the nail plates.
    • Wear resistance, strength, and hygiene.
    • Resistance to temperature extremes and aggressive environments.
    • The possibility to use for natural and artificial nails.
    • No special skills and knowledge required (this lifetime nail file is suitable for both professionals and amateurs).

    And one more plus that many fashionistas will like – you can choose an interesting design of a glass file and order it in any color, even with motivational phrases and mantras of your choice. Such an elegant tool will become not only a successful purchase but also a pleasant gift.

    Unlike metal nail files, which are no different from regular files in their functional qualities, glass files cut the nail very carefully. Therefore, they are ideal for people with a thin nail plate, for which a more delicate treatment is required.