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Causes and prevention of pressure sores

    A pressure sore is created when your body stays in the position for an extended period of time. The weight of your body is transferred through a fixed point to the chair or bed that you are sat/laid on. This point of contact becomes sore thanks to the pressure causing friction which damages the skin in the designated area. This prevents blood from flowing normally, cells that are deprived of blood die.

    The skin then breaks down and becomes sore, it can split, and then it is possible that it will become infected, leading to bigger health issues. 

    The development of pressure sores

    Pressure sores are caused by inactivity. If you are stuck in a chair or bed due to illness or an accident then your body is not moving around as much as it should be. This restricts the blood flow and allows the pressure sore to appear.

    Because they happen at places where the weight of your body contacts something else there are several spots that are more likely to create pressure sores. These include the hips, back, buttocks, tailbone, shoulders, ears, ankles, heels, and even the back of your head. 

    You may also develop pressure sores if you have a prosthetic limb and it doesn’t fit properly.  

    Preventing their arrival

    The key to preventing pressure sores is to keep moving. That’s why the average person doesn’t get pressure sores, without realizing it you are moving all the time, even when you’re sat in the office chair all day or are sleeping at night.

    But, if you have a medical condition or are recovering from a trauma you may not have the option or ability to get up and move around regularly. In these situations it’s advisable to get hospital recliner chairs, these can be adjusted at the touch of a button and help you to shift the weight distribution across your body. That will reduce the likelihood of getting pressure sores.

    Another option is to have a loved one or an assistant move you regularly. This means instead of lying on your back, switch to your side for a while, then switch again. At the same time, the most likely areas for pressure sores can be massaged. This will encourage blood flow and prevent the skin from dying and causing further complications.

    It’s also a good idea to use moisturizing skincare products. Ideally, your skin should be washed regularly using unscented products. You can then dab it dry, do not rub, and apply the moisturizer, this will help your skin to retain oil, making it better at dealing with pressure and less likely to get pressure sores.

    You should consider the sheets you lie on. The smoother they are the better. It’s also advisable to use sheets made of cotton or silk as they’ll create the least amount of friction. 

    Finally, eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated will help to ensure your body stays healthy and prevents the pressure sores from appearing.

    Remember, prevention is always better than cure.