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CBD and Drug Tests Safe Use of CBD To Pass A Drug Trust

    Is it possible to take advantage of CBD and still pass a drug test? Your employer might, from time to time, ask for a random drug test. And you might be interested in the following if you like CBD or need it for a particular medical condition.

    • Does CBD show up on drug tests?
    • Can a drug test come positive if I have consumed CBD?
    • After how much time is the CBD wholly dissolved in my bloodstream and becomes undetectable in a drug test?

    All of these worries are valid if you regularly use CBD. You’re unlikely to fail a drug test or screen, but many other factors could make you do so. Another possibility is a false-positive outcome.

    The good news is that your CBD levels won’t make it difficult to pass a drug test. While it makes sense to be wary of taking a drug test while using CBD, there’s no need to become anxious.

    Do not worry! You’ve come to the right place if you’re worried about failing a drug test but don’t want to jeopardize your safety or comfort.

    Screening For Drugs vs. Testing For Drugs

    Many of you may be perplexed why a CBD test is referred to as a drug test, not a drug screen.

    As you probably already know, there is a difference between drug screening and testing. Compared to a thorough drug test, a drug screening is significantly less expensive, takes less time, and yields much more accurate results. Most businesses administer drug tests to potential hires to save money and time.

    The issue with drug tests is that they don’t specifically identify the present drug; instead, they look for various metabolites that can result in a positive test. All they show is a “positive.” Drug tests thus serve as a quick evaluation tool but do not provide a complete picture.

    On the other hand, drug tests process results much more slowly but give more information, such as the kind of substance found and how much it was found. You’ll get the most precise and complete results from a urine drug test.

    Will Cannabidiol (CBD) Test Positive for Drugs?

    We won’t sugarcoat it: there’s a chance that cannabidiol (CBD) could show up in a drug test or screening. Each measures the presence of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Infrequent users are not allowed THC traces in their urine for up to thirty days after their last use.

    The good news is that legal CBD products have extremely low levels of THC, at 0.3% or less. Even though this trace amount of THC shouldn’t show up on a drug test, even if it does, the results are not alarming. A positive result from a drug test or examination does not always mean that there is this little THC present.

    But there’s a catch—consuming CBD supplements frequently or for a long time may increase the amount of THC the body stores because of the buildup of these trace amounts of THC. In these conditions, a drug test could return a negative result. As we’ve already mentioned, a few other things can influence whether or not you pass a drug test. Considering your body type, metabolic rate, and general health will help you determine whether CBD oil may cause a positive drug test result.

    Will CBD be found during a drug test? Yes, provided your body contains an adequate amount of CBD.

    Can CBD result in a positive drug test? You may fail a drug test even if your usage is below the standard for most tests, but the likelihood is very low.

    Fortunately, most drug tests used by the federal government do not show a positive result for even minimal amounts of THC. You should be able to use your authorized CBD products unless the THC content exceeds 0.3%.

    Is there a chance of a “false positive” in a drug test if I have consumed CBD?

    Do you understand what a false positive is? A false positive is when a person’s drug test indicates they are positive for an illegal substance even though they did not consume it. Even though your THC levels were perfectly acceptable, a false positive could have led to a failed drug test.

    False positives can have several different causes. The following are some potential causes:

    • What other drugs interact poorly with CBD? Drug tests may result in false positives if you recently used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), dronabinol, pantoprazole, or efavirenz.
    • Unregulated or inadequately tested THC products
    • A false positive could also result from marijuana smoke inhaled by someone else.

    Consuming CBD and avoiding a “false positive”: How?

    Here are three methods to lessen the possibility that you will test positive (or false positive) for drugs.

    1. Considering the possibility of false positives

    False positives happen less often than you might think. Only 5–10% of the time, drug test results return falsely positive. Remember that because drug checks are less accurate and thorough than drug tests, there is a higher likelihood of receiving an incorrectly positive result.

    False positive results from drug tests are scarce. You can always request a drug test to determine your THC levels more precisely if a drug screening yields a false positive result.

    Letting your employer or the test-taker know about your medication use

    All CBD supplements fall into this category, whether taken for therapeutic or recreational purposes. Avoiding false positives by being upfront and truthful from the beginning is preferable. There is proof that some drugs can change how THC is stored in the body. Contact the testing facility immediately if you have a medical condition that could impact your drug test results. Consult your doctor to write a letter to your manager or administrator stating that you require CBD for medical reasons.

    Being cautious when consuming CBD products

    If you use CBD products with inaccurate labels that don’t specify the correct THC dosage or if the products are defective, a drug test may result in a false positive. When selecting a product or brand, look for a reputable manufacturer who discloses its manufacturing and testing processes and offers consistent dosing. When in doubt, read reviews from people you know and trust, such as friends and family.

    1. The Best CBD Products to Pass a Drug Test

    Fortunately, you can continue to use CBD without fear of failing up until the day of your drug test. You can continue using CBD without failing a drug test using the right products. The right vitamin selection is essential. Watch out for these things and take our advice into account!

    CBD Isolate

    With no traces of THC, CBD isolates are pure CBD. Due to its extensive processing and restricted cannabinoid profile, CBD isolate is a good choice for people worried about failing a drug test.

    Wild Theory’s 25 mg CBD isolate Gummies are undoubtedly the best CBD isolate gummies available. Because of its potent CBD isolate recipe and absence of THC, Wild Theory’s 750mg CBD isolate oil makes an excellent substitute for gummies.

    Broad Spectrum CBD

    The broad-spectrum “CBD” implies that it contains CBD and other cannabinoids. As opposed to THC! Purchasing “broad” spectrum CBD ensures you’ll receive a variety of valuable terpenes and cannabinoids but no THC.

    Your best option for full-spectrum CBD oils is Wild Theory. It provides specialized CBD formulations for a variety of uses, including:

    • Wild Theory Dream CBD Sleep Aid
    • Wild Theory Broad Spectrum Breathe CBD for Stress and Anxiety is the best CBD oil for anxiety and stress.
    • Wild Theory Soothe CBD Broad Spectrum CBD for Pain

    Full Spectrum CBD

    Full-spectrum CBD, as opposed to CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD, contains trace amounts of THC (up to 0.3% by weight). As we’ve already mentioned, a drug test won’t pick up even a few nanograms of THC. If you avoid taking too much of it frequently for a while, it will help.

    Remember that when tested individually, CBD isolate, CBD with a broad spectrum, or CBD with a full spectrum could all result in a false positive.

    1. Examining the guidelines and directives

    One of the most important factors to consider is the state’s specific rules and regulations, so it’s essential to be aware of them. Depending on where you live, different rules and laws apply to CBD. Some might be stricter than others, whereas others might be more lax.

    You should research your employer’s policy if you use CBD or any other substance. Be honest and open with your line manager, the human resources division, or immediate supervisor to prevent future issues. When you’re uncertain, do your research.

    Unlock the Freedom of Buying CBD

    While CBD products do not ensure that you will succeed or fail a drug test, neither does it guarantee failure. Choose your CBD products carefully to lessen the possibility of an adverse reaction. Your best bet is always to buy CBD products that are pure, local, and of high quality.

    These characteristics can be found in the CBD products from Wild Theory, including a Certificate of Analysis that attests to their potency, purity, and excellence. Visit a nearby store today to purchase all the CBD oil you require.