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    Anxiety is one of the biggest problems many people face today, it is a common response of the body to stress and fatigue but then what really is anxiety? It is a psychological wellness issue described by sentiments of stress, nervousness or dread that are sufficiently solid to meddle with one’s day by day exercises. Anxiety has a way of creeping into our lives and making sure we become dysfunctional and unproductive at the end of each day without having anything worthwhile to show. With this in mind, it is very evident the reason why so many people always try to make sure they try as much as possible to treat stress in whatever way they can so that it doesn’t turn into anxiety.

    Common methods known to treat stress and anxiety are through the use of pills and analgesics to suppress any aftermath, another method known is through massage and resting, something more natural and relaxing to ease down the tension and cool things off, another known method is through hypnosis and therapy where a person would be let to believe that nothing else mattered in this world and that everything would be corrected form this point of view. The final method for dealing with anxiety which more emphasis would be placed on is through Natural/Herbal methods and the point of reference for that is the CBD Oil for Anxiety which is an excellent solution for you.

    CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol which is an essential oil found in Cannabis, the CBD is a very effective oil that has no psychoactive side effect on its user and works perfectly in bringing anxiety to an end. The question that may be on the minds of many however is that is the CBD oil legal? And the answer to this is YES, it is absolutely legal when made from industrial hemp.


    It is essential to note that the major organ responsible for the treatment of anxiety is the brain as it is also the organ that produces the anxiety when conditions are not stable and right. You should also note that all the proven methods of how the oil works have first been experimented on lab mice and were successful which is what gives us a clue to how it would work with humans. Below are examples of how it works.

    Serotonin receptors

    The serotonin receptors are known as that part of the brain that help reduce anxiety if they are constantly produced without continuous reabsorption of the serotonin by the brain, the more the signals are sent to the serotonin, the more the brain has power to fight off anxiety. Most drugs were specifically made to target this receptors to help the fight anxiety by blocking off reabsorption and the CBD works in the same very way.


    The hippocampus is a region of the brain known to handle cognitive learning and memory and it has a major role it plays in the brain with regards to other organs. Patients suffering from anxiety have a smaller hippocampus compared to normal patients, what the CBD oil does is that it helps in the formation of new neurons (a term known as neurogenesis) and as an increase in the hippocampus is noticed so does reduction in anxiety follow.

    These are some of the natural benefits you get from using the CBD oil to help yourself out of anxiety in a more natural way than just using drugs.