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CBD Oil; Common Products, Effectiveness and How to Buy

    CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many compounds that is contained in the hemp plant. It is one among the over 100 cannabinoids found in there. Asides cannabinoids, the hemp plant contains other compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils.

    Of all the cannabinoids present in the plant, CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, which is usually referred to THC, are the most popular and also the most used. These two are similar in many ways as they are both quite effective and beneficial for a number of reasons.

    The problem with using THC though is that it has psychoactive effects that make the user get high. As a result of this, CBD is the preferred cannabinoid for human and animal consumption as the user will not get high. In fact, the hemp plant contains very low traces of THC and it can be cultivated to contain none at all. For cannabidiol products in the United States, the legally allowable limit for THC content is 0.3%. Animal cannabidiol products usually do not contain THC at all.

    Common Products

    Cannabidiol, when extracted from hemp, can be made into many different products both for animals and humans. The most common of these products are oils, vapes, and smokes, gummies, sprays, pills, capsules, cosmetics, etc. for humans. For animals, there is the oil, chews such as treats, and others but without the vape and smokes. 

    The most popular and perhaps the most useful of all these products is the CBD oil. It can be used in different ways but typically sublingually with the dropping of a few droplets of the substance underneath the tongue. Using cannabidiol this way allows for maximum bioavailability meaning that the user gets to enjoy cannabidiol in full.

    A higher percentage of the substance is absorbed into the bloodstream as it does not have to pass through the digestive system or the liver. This makes it more effective, with its effects also kicking in a lot faster. You can read the article here to learn more about bioavailability.

    What Makes CBD so Effective?

    The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system present in mammals. Through the ECS, mammals, including humans and animals, produce cannabinoids naturally. It is the ECS that is responsible for a lot of important functions in the body. It regulates appetite, memory, eating, mood, and even the way both the central nervous system and the immune system work.

    These natural cannabinoids produced by the ECS are what helps it to function optimally. Sometimes, the ECS may not be able to produce enough of this and that is when the trouble starts with the reduced efficiency resulting in illnesses.

    Thankfully, the ECS contains cannabinoid receptors all over the body that receive CBD when it is administered. This enables it to replicate the effects of the natural cannabinoids present in the ECS and thus, the system can continue to function as it should. This is the reason why cannabidiol is quite effective.

    It does not have to fight off illnesses directly. It rather interacts with the natural system in the body that does that. If you are looking to administer cannabidiol to your dog, you can check out this Envy hemp article to learn more and get some guidance.

    Buying CBD

    Purchasing cannabidiol can be quite tricky. This is because the CBD market is an open one and you will find various kinds of manufacturers, retailers, and peddlers of the product. You can find them in gas stations, on Amazon, in pharmacies and just about anywhere.

    The trick to buying though is to patronize only trusted and proven sources of the product. When buying from an online source, be sure to check out the company. Do a little research on them especially if it is the first time you are buying from them.

    Another thing to do is check the labeling and ensure that it is a natural and organic product without any form of additives that might otherwise be harmful. Keeping in mind that it is possible for labels to be misleading, you can request for a lab report of any product you are buying. Genuine sellers will be able to provide you with one.

    What to check for in the report includes where the test was performed as it should be a third party tester. Also, check the substances present in the product. It should be free of or contain extremely low traces of THC and no trace of any harmful chemicals. Avoid buying cheap cannabidiol products because a lot of times they are of very poor quality.

    This is a lot to watch out for when buying CBD and you might not even know how to check some of these things. You can however look for a knowledgeable person in the field to guide you at the early stages. When you have found a trusted source, you can then stick with them for your needs. You can check out how to shop for CBD here:


    Using cannabidiol comes with many rewards that you do not want to miss out on whether it is for you or your pet. Ensure you do not rush into buying anything without proper research especially if you’re doing so for the first time. This will prevent you from getting a poor quality product.