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    Cannabidiol (CBD) has been known to solve a myriad of problems ranging from pain to anxiety and a host of others. It is referred to as a phytocannabinoid (chemical that interact with the ECS [Endocannabinoid System] in the body). It was first detected in Cannabis in the year 1940 and is heavily linked to relief where pain and anxiety concerned. CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – both cannabinoids – are the two most known components of Cannabis plant – although THC is the most notorious because of its ‘get-me-high’ property. CBD has been linked to pain and stress relief and anecdotal evidence shows that people are also experiencing relief when using CBD oil for Crohn’s. 

    So, what is CBD?

    Cannabis – one of the most polarizing plants on the face of the earth – has Cannabidiol as one of its major constituents. CBD does not have the psychoactive property of THC but does have almost every medical advantage that THC possesses which allows one to get the medical advantage inherent in the plant, without the effect of getting ‘high’. In countries where Cannabis – medicinal and recreational – has been legalized, there has been a heightened availability of CBD and CBD related products in the market. However, in some other countries and for some other users, the air still must be cleared as there are a lot of misconceptions in regards the use of CBD. After the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, CBD became federally legal across the United States, however some states still do not consider it a legal substance.

    What’s Crohn’s Disease?

    Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract leading to pain in the abdominal region, malnutrition, weight loss, etc. The inflammation often moves with speed to the layers of affected bowel tissue. It is very painful and may lead to life-threatening complications. No cure has been found however some remedies help to cope with the disease. 


    Let’s talk a little about Pain.

    There are different types of pain. Nociceptive Pain refers to pain from physical damage. Nociceptive Pain best addresses the pain associated with Crohn’s Disease. Another kind of pain associated with Chron’s Disease is Psychogenic Pain. This is the pain caused by emotional factors. People who suffer Crohn’s Disease for a long time, begin to have pain that is a result of the emotional trauma even when they are physically experiencing some relief at the moment. Though some believe that Psychogenic Pain is not real if the pain does not directly stem from physical stimulation, but it has all the indications of any other type of pain. 

    Does CBD Help with Pain?

    There have been studies that suggest that CBD has been useful in reducing inflammation and the pain associated with it. CBD has been cited as giving relief to cancer patients suffering from pain. CBD also helps reduce the stress and anxiety that has been associated with protracted pain. 

    CBD for relief in Crohn’s Disease

    Cannabidiol (CBD) users afflicted with Crohn’s Disease notice a change in their feelings and notice relief in the pain. The use of CBD has been linked to symptomatic improvement. It does help the sufferer of the disease feel relieved. Yes, it may not be a replacement for orthodox traditional medicine, but it sure helps relieve the stress and pain that the sufferer of Crohn’s disease may be suffering. It is a healthier and more natural way than resorting to morphine, analgesics and synthetic pain relievers. CBD helps people with anxiety which can be associated with Psychogenic Pain. It is also very helpful in calming stimulated nerves as in the case of inflammation. 

    Variants of CBD to Use

    There are variants for the application of CBD. There are capsules, topicals, edibles, and oils. The type of CBD used will depend on the kind of pain, and the location of the pain. The absorption rate of these application methods differs and if you want a fast effect because of the amount of pain one is feeling, it would be necessary to take one with higher absorption rates. The way CBD is consumed also affects how much is absorbed, and its speed of absorption. Inflammation is usually best sorted out with a topical application. If the pain is chronic, CBD is best ingested via the way of oils and tinctures. For managing Crohn’s Disease, CBD Oils and Tinctures are the best bet. There are CBD Oil Tumeric Rosemary Extract (1000mg), CBD Drops Relief 720mg, CBD Oil Extract Signature (500mg). We do know you would be interested in buying. Visit shopCBD for a stress-free experience.