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CBD Oil for pain relief during pregnancy and after childbirth

    While the legalization of Cannabis and its derivations as that of CBD is becoming legal in most American states, people are starting to know of its multiple benefits. While it is available in the form of capsules, topicals, oils, injections, etc. people are still biased about its effect on a pregnant woman.

    Who is using it and how?

    Well, to date, not much research has been done on whether CBD oil can help pregnant women during their pregnancy period or even during the times when they witness pain. Despite that, several women who have been pregnant and have used CBD have known to receive effective benefits. They claim to use CBD bath bombs when the witness contractions and a gentle soak helps in easing out the pain.  While these bath bombs also contain other ingredients as that of essential oils, salts, etc. all of this in conjunction help in easing out the contractions.

    Some women use it in the form of a painkiller where the CBD oil in its concentrated form is mixed with olive oil and massaged near the cervix. When it comes to labour and the final push, this is something that is seen to eases out the pain and makes the delivery an easy affair.

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    Is CBD Oil safe for Pregnant women?

    While the use of CBD for pregnant women hasn’t been tried and tested by the doctors at the hospitals, it is usually people who have been into the cannabis manufacturing industry who claim that it is a great pain reliever. While there are hardly any cases of women or their children suffering from problems before or after pregnancy, there is research going on where experts are still being asked about whether it is a safe alternative to synthetic painkillers or soothing products during pregnancy and at the time of delivery.

    During pregnancy- instances, usage, effects

    There have been several instances where women, as well as midwives, have claimed that using CBD oil during pregnancy has allowed women to be at ease and not feel pained. While that has had positive effects on the pregnant woman, more and more people are getting to know about how CBD is here to help ease out the pain.

    CBD oil can be used in various forms when it comes to easing out pain and contractions. Some like it as a bath bomb, the rest use it as a massage oil, and some are also known to consume capsules. While the effects (good and bad) should be tested first and then applied further, it is noteworthy that most women have found solace and relief during their pregnancy and delivery from using CBD in some form or the other.

    The effects of CBD oil on the body is something that differs from person to person. Some women have received outstanding results while using it during their pregnancy to deliver a normal baby with no possible problems and have thus become a spokesperson for the same. Some are still worried of the use of CBD oil on the child during delivery and birth due to the psycho-active effects cannabis (not CBD) has.

    CBD takes all the good traits of cannabis despite being derived from the same plant which is used as the single most widespread source of getting high. Although people are still skeptical about all the positive effects it is known to have on the body for there is a lack of conclusive research- the various accounts of people who have been using CBD paint a positive picture.

    CBD for Labour pains

    When it comes to labour pains, it is often a state that women find themselves in where the pain of bringing out the child lasts for hours altogether unless they are extremely lucky. As CBD oils have known to prevent the pain of contractions as well as the tearing pain when the baby is to come out, it helps the mother to be at ease and therefore reduces complications. Women consuming both pills or using it in the form of topicals mixed with base oils, have shown a positive response to the effects of Cannabidiol.

    CBD has been remarkably useful in place of Pitocin, fentanyl, and other epidurals. There are instances where CBD tinctures induced with olive oil and containing Vitamin E & D have been used by transition successfully to facilitate an easy child birth through VBAC-that is vaginal birth after caesarean. VBAC is normally advised against by doctors as there can be a lot of complications for both the mother and the child, sometimes fatal, which can ultimately lead to an emergency caesarean.

    Full-spectrum CBD is being switched for the epidural Pitocin, in addition to easing pain, to help in childbirth.

    How and where it is used after pregnancy – reducing pains of childbirth

    Before the delivery of the baby, pregnant women can make use of the CBD oil to ease out the pain in most cases, but after the delivery, things can be different. Most women undergo postpartum depression, and that is where CBD oil is known to come to the rescue. Consuming pills can help in reducing the problem, but several fear it affecting the baby especially while breastfeeding. CBD Oil comes to the rescue here.

    According to WebMD, “cannabidiol seems to prevent the breakdown of a chemical in the brain that affects pain, mood, and mental function”.

    Cannabidiol has a vast majority of micronutrients that act as supplements and have little to no psychoactive effects. Zero THC CBD Oil is especially popular with those who have a sensitive constitution or have to adhere to strict standards at work. This works well for both the mother and the newborn child who needs to be breastfed.

    While using the oil mixed with a base oil and applied on the cervix and the areas around it can help in reducing the pain after birth, there are several women who have claimed that consuming or using CBD oil in comparison to painkillers has a better and natural effect on the body. The pain subsides gradually while not coming back the moment the synthetic medicine is not consumed.  

    Users suggest using full-spectrum CBD as opposed to CBD isolate as it is more therapeutic in nature and has better effects when used regularly close to the due date and then some more when going into labor. It is also advisable to not be negligent (as health of both the mother and child are at stake) and use premium quality CBD from reputed brands like Botahemp.

    Ultimately, we need more conclusive research before hospitals and doctors alike start endorsing CBD which has shown a wide variety of positive effects and replace conventional medicines which are known to leave harmful side effects and residues in the body.