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CBD Oil For Pets: Hype or Hoax?

    It’s a question that every pet owner is searching for lately. CBD or cannabidiol is a hype among humans, for all the right reasons. Thankfully!! But, there are a lot of information gaps about its impact on pets’ health. 

    Proponents claim that it can be a great addition if your pet is suffering from anxiety or skin disorders as there are numerous skin care products by CBD for the pets. Some studies even claim that it can alleviate arthritis pain or control seizures. The enthusiasm alone grew the pet CBD market by 946 percent in 2019, as per the Brightfield Group’s data. 

    The rush was also a result of the 2018 Farm Bill’s approval that erased federal restrictions on CBD products. But, do researchers believe that? Find out now. 

    CBD Oil For Pets- What Research Says?


    According to a study by Cornell University, NSAIDs are not enough to curb the pain in dogs. However, CBD oil showed potential as a pain reliever in conditions such as arthritis. Various researchers confirmed that CBD oil also contains the right amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Since dogs can’t produce these fatty acids on their own, CBD oil becomes a great supplement that ensures a healthy regime. 

    But what about veterinarians? Let’s find out now!


    CBD Oils For Pets- Sharing Doctors’ Viewpoint

    Initially, many veterinarians were not comfortable recommending CBD oil since they were unable to answer the queries. It took some time and effort to educate pet doctors regarding hemp oil for pets, its extraction procedures, and usage guidelines. 

    With so much written about CBD oils and research being carried out, veterinarians are now recommending CBD oil for many disorders. For instance, doctors are finding it a viable option in cases like dog collapsed trachea. And they are also finding it a better alternative to manage seizures, arthritis, cognitive decline, and even cancer. 

    Many doctors are also using CBD oil for separation and noise phobia. While it might not be a cure-all, doctors recommend it as part of the treatment plan for pets with chronic illness and inflammatory disorders. 


    Hold on!!

    There are so many CBD products available in the market. Since not all oils are the same, choosing high-quality CBD oil must be a priority always. But, how to find a quality product amidst so many products available? 


    Keep scrolling and learn more…

    Choosing The Right CBD Product For Your Pet

    • Never shop based on the price of the product. Why? Because high-quality products are usually associated with higher costs. Also, make sure it does not contain any additives.
    • Ask for an analysis certificate to ensure the product contains all the ingredients mentioned on the product label. If manufacturers don’t include a certificate, steer clear of such products.
    • Look for oil form or tincture since your pet would be able to use this product more quickly than other forms available in the market. 

    Wrapping Up- The Wellness Trend

    We are hearing so much about CBD oil now. The legalization of marijuana also triggered the growth of CBD oils by multiple folds. So, it’s highly likely that we will see a continued interest in CBD and increase its research in the coming years.