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Choose SMILE Eye Surgery and Bid Adieu to Astigmatism

     SMILE i.e., Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is a laser treatment for eye surgery. It includes a 1-step procedure where your eye surgeon utilizes the computer-guided laser light for cutting the small incision in the patient’s cornea. This will be done for removing a tiny piece of the corneal tissue that is also known as the lenticular.

     However, you don’t have to worry about anything as your eye surface and cornea are 100% safe. Through this procedure, you can reshape the cornea along with correcting vision issues. 


    • Are you wondering: Does SMILE eye surgery fix astigmatism or not? Well, it does as SMILE is capable of correcting nearsightedness of a maximum of -3.00 and -10.00 diopters of Astigmatism. 
    • Also, just recently, this surgery has been FDA approved for myopia with Astigmatism. 
    • For those who don’t know, Astigmatism is the general vision problem in today’s world. Over 3 million people suffer from this issue. 
    • The major symptoms of Astigmatism are the blurry vision from the irregularly shaped lens or cornea. 
    • So, you can opt for SMILE eye surgery to treat Astigmatism since the procedure is quite instant and is way less invasive as compared to the other options like LASIK surgery. 
    • Also, it uses a single laser as well as the incision is a lot smaller. It results in immediate recovery along with much better corneal firmness. 

     FDA approval for this eye surgery to treat Astigmatism is a good sign as well as a lot of patients will now receive the required treatment for this troublesome condition. Moreover, another benefit of this treatment is that it is safe.

    As per previous patients with Astigmatism, the process is relatively painless and comfortable, along with safety level being quite high. This surgery has been quite effective in terms of treating Astigmatism for years; however, it has just gained popularity as now it is FDA approved. SMILE surgery is the most advanced FDA-approved laser correction treatment until now. 


    • Needless to say, thinking about lasers as well as vision treatment can be a scary thought. 
    • However, in case you think about expert doctors completing these processes besides plenty of successful surgeries already conducted, you may have some peace of mind. 
    • Several eye surgeons have perfected SMILE surgery, as well as the doctors, feel quite confident and experienced while executing these processes. 
    • In terms of SMILE, this is the current advancement when it comes to laser treatment for the vision.
    • So, in case you go through this surgery for Astigmatism, you know that you will be working with the most advanced and latest process out there. 

    There are instances when with LASIK surgery, sometimes patients face a few issues due to the flap which is created. However, with a SMILE, no flap is created ever, and thereby, you can avoid flap-related problems. What’s more? Due to the faster, less invasive procedure, its recovery period is also immediate in comparison to the other vision surgeries.