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    A popular new direction that has been gaining popularity in Singapore over the last 2 decades is medical aesthetics. Before, having your looks ‘artificially enhanced’ was something that could very well draw unwelcome judgement. Trends in the last 3 years, however, suggest a strong and expanding cult of supporters that believe aesthetic treatments as part and parcel of bringing out the potential in girls. The industry has come to the point where treatments that used to be painful and extended have advanced to the point of being very easy – a few require only ten minutes to complete! Singapore’s doctors and beauty landscape are finally catching up with The United States – the pinnacle of aesthetic procedures. One of the top plastic surgery clinics in Singapore, Dream Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, offers a wide range of advance procedures and treatments. Their website contains many detailed information about plastic surgery in Singapore and you can read from this link:

    Rejuran Singapore

    A prominent treatment pioneer created in Busan, Rejuran is a non-invasive cosmetic enhancement applied to address the signs of growing older and better the quality of skin. Coming from the world of Asian medical, Rejuran is a significant procedure that has tremendous outcomes on a person’s skin. PDRN is uniquely harvested from fish DNA and has great effects on human skin. The improvements are wonderful, with outcomes as versatile as marks smoothening, improved skin springiness and even better skin suppleness and shine. Rejuran injections have a healing period of roughly several days. Although the patient is able to resume their usual itinerary right after the Rejuran treatment, the signs do endure for a several days more. Depending on the total volume of Rejuran needed, you can expect prices for a treatment to range between $300-$400.

    The Latest Picolaser in Singapore

    Picosecond Lasers are the freshest addition to every aesthetic professional’s arsenal and have the ability to discharge bursts of lasers in picoseconds. Used in aesthetic procedures, picolasers have demonstrated to be removing skin pigmentation. Conditions correlated to discolored skin, take for example, freckles or even pigmented underarm folds can be treated using advanced picolasers.

    Picosecond lasers operate by smashing the pigmentation or ink collections in the skin layers into tinier pieces with strong shots of focused lasers. Your body will then cleanse these bits and pieces of pigmentation away naturally. Experience is required to handle the picolaser machines ably. The wide range of the settings on various types of picolaser machines also mean that different wavelengths, power and durations can be adjusted for the best effect bespoke for the patient. Picolasers procedures are reputed for being quick, lunchtime treatments and only take around 30 to 60 minutes. Mild redness can be observed at the vicinity of the site of the procedure and can appear for a few hours. Costs for a picosecond laser treatment can differ greatly; hinging on, from $300-$1100 per treatment.

    Treat Pigmentation in Singapore

    Pigmentation on skin is a common symptom when you may see dark patches because of excessive pigment cells within the layers in our skin. Wherever we are exposed to sun rays, we allow this patch of the skin to get damaged by ultraviolet rays from the sun. As a result, naturally the proliferation of undesirable forms of discolorations issues akin to freckles, solar lentigoes and melasma is a commonplace condition on highly visible locations like our face, cheeks. The crux in the treatment of pigmentation problems is the diagnosis. Let us discuss firstly, how different types of pigmentations can overlap others, sharing within the same vicinity, but the treatment methods can be entirely different. To further complicate matters, there are minimally 5 different kinds of commonly seen pigmentation conditions, each with their own causes and individual effective treatment procedures.

    Patients dealing with pigmentation problems are frequently left disappointed when multiple doctors, due to a poor prognosis, fail to apply the appropriate remedies that fall short of resolving the condition. It is folly to blindly treat pigmentation issues. Often, various pigmentation types to be misdiagnosed as other types of pigmentation due to the closeness in appearance between certain pigmentation manifestations. Studies show evidence of select events of the condition worsening from administration of the wrong treatment procedure. Nonetheless, those searching for ways to solve their pigmentation issues are advised not to give up and seek second opinions from at least two different specialists prior to embarking on a particular treatment strategy designed for your issue.

    Treat Acne Scars in Singapore

    One person can even show a number of different types of scars, and each individual type of scar comes with its own optimal treatment method. Scars in the aftermath of acne are widely known to be famous for being hard to resolve. To further complicate the situation, complexity of variables considered during the acne scar treatment procedures is increased because each individual’s skin contains unique characteristics that could possibly derail the targeted outcome of the procedure. Acne can develop into a variety of variants of scarring. Multiple types can show on the same patch of skin, and each different type of scarring has its own optimal treatment protocol. TeensHealth explains in detail about acne scars that commonly come as a result of outbreak during puberty.

    A number of treatments have been designed to alleviate scars due to acne, but there is no miracle cure that can effectively remove every type of scarring. Almost all experienced dermatologist employ a selection of various aesthetic treatments to remove acne scars. Seek advice from your trusted aesthetics or skin clinic for a bespoke plan to treat the acne scars that plague you. There are some skin doctors or clinics who elect to use more gradual treatment plans which include topical applications like creams and plasma, while others may like a quicker results and head straight for aggressive laser therapies. Pricing Mild to moderate severity: $1900-$3600, Severe: $2900-$6300