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Choosing a Pediatrician in Pasadena?

    When you deliver your child, you need to see a good doctor for your infant. No doubt, Dr. Marianne Woods in Pasadena is one of the best pediatricians. But do you know how to select a pediatrician for your child? In this blog, you will get to know about it, so keep reading.

    What are pediatricians?

    They are doctors who look after your child’s physical, mental, and behavioral health until the age of 18 years. 

    Things to consider while choosing a pediatrician for your child. 


    You will have to take your child for frequent checkups and vaccinations, so make sure you choose a pediatrics office near your home. Else there will be chances of missing appointments and vaccination schedules.

    Recommendation from your OB-GYN

    During your pregnancy of nine months, you will develop a good relationship with your gynecologist so you can easily ask for recommendations. They will suggest a good pediatrician as per your child’s needs. 

    Doctor’s qualifications and experience

    You should always check whether the doctor is board-certified and how many years of experience he has in dealing with kids, as you would not want a novice doctor to treat your beloved child.

    Office environment

    Your doctor plays a vital role in your child’s treatment, but you also need to see whether his staff members are also friendly. The front desk receptionist will deal with your queries about appointments and follow-ups, so make sure that the clinic has friendly staff. You can even do a demo call to see how they behave.

    Reviews of friends, family, and online reviews

    You can ask your family and friends to give reviews and recommendations according to your requirements. Checking online reviews are also helpful to a certain extent, but they are not as reliable as expected. Because sometimes, people who are satisfied with the treatment don’t think of giving an online review, but those who had a terrible experience provide the reviews most of the time. So online review is a bit biased criteria.


    Nothing beats your own experience. So after your first visit to your child’s doctor, check whether you are satisfied with the doctor’s behavior. Did the doctor listen to you and your apprehensions? Did he give a chance to speak, or was he in a hurry? A little bit of introspection will guide you towards the right decision for your child.