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Choosing the Right Contraceptive: Is Longer-term Better?

    Contraceptives come in different types and choosing one over another will depend on many things. Depending on your lifestyle and how organized you are, you may find that some birth control methods work better than others. You will have to discuss with your OB/GYN doctor to find the most suitable option for you. You want to know whether you should go for the short-acting contraceptives or the long-acting ones. With the help of a doctor experienced in birth control in Providence, you can identify the most suitable contraceptive method.

    When are long-acting contraceptives an option?

    Long-acting contraceptives will prevent pregnancy and allow you to better plan your life. When you get this contraceptive, it will work for an extended period so you will not need to remember to take them or use them on a daily or weekly basis. Also, long-acting contraceptives tend to be easy to hide, or they can be invisible. If you are worried that you cannot keep up with using short-acting contraceptives, you may want to consider their counterparts. 

    Short-acting contraceptives – when to use them

    With short-acting contraceptives, they are effective in preventing pregnancy. There are, however, some differences in how effective they are. Again, there is a difference in their usage. You need to realize that with these short-acting birth control methods, you have to remember to take them daily or use them each time before having sex. With technological advances, you can use apps to remind you when to have your shot or take your pill. The efficacy of the contraceptives is based on how effective they are in preventing you from getting pregnant.

    Is short or longer better?

    Because the different types of contraceptives are effective and perhaps vary slightly in their efficacy, you want to identify your lifestyle.  

    You can make your contraceptive use part of your day to day routine. However, you will need to be an organized person to make sure you will use it appropriately. It is less likely you will forget using or taking your contraception if you plan yourself properly. You can choose a method that you use every time you are having sex or you can go with a method that allows you to take the contraceptive every day, like a pill.

    Similarly, you may want to choose a method like an injection or implant that you will not need to take every day or use each time you have sex. 

    An intrauterine device can offer protection around five to 10 years. This is your choice if you want a method you will use and forget about it for a long time. It offers you peace of mind because you will not be worried about missing a pill or forgetting to take a shot.

    Are you looking to find a birth control method that is suited to your unique needs? Consult A. Michael Coppa, MD, to find out the right option for you. Dr. A. Michael Coppa offers different birth control options to suit your family planning needs and lifestyle.