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Circles are Round but its Formulas are Straight

    Mathematics and trigonometry are a part of everyday calculation whether that calculation is simple or strenuous. Everyone has to use the formula of mathematics and trigonometry to arrive at accurate results. These two geometries are also a very indispensable part of education and actual life. In real life people are dealing with different dimensional objects on a daily business and geometry, a branch of mathematics helps in providing a solution to overcome these dimensional objects’ problems. That is why one of the important parts of geometry is a circle. Circle’s calculation problem can be solved by the circles.

    A circle is a simple two-dimensional closed figure which can be represented in a round shape with no corners or edges. Some things make circles very interesting and unique in geometry. A simple linear line is called a circle with an unlimited or infinite area. A circle can have boundless symmetry lines. The word ‘reference book’ in a real sense signifies ‘the circle of learning’. A circle can be partitioned similarly regardless of its size. 

    In particular, a circle is a straightforward shut bend that separates the plane into two locales: an inside and an outside. In regular use, the expression “circle” might be utilized conversely to allude to either the limit of the figure or to the entire figure including its inside; in severe specialized utilization, the circle is just the limit and the entire figure is known as a disc.

    So above information clarifies the concept of the circle in simple and understandable language. It is also important to know the value of the area of circle which many people use in regular daily life to solve a problem regarding the measurement of the space used by the round field. It is quite easy to find an area of the circle from the formula mentioned below.



    ∏= 22/7 or 3.14

    R= radius

    To understand are of the circle with ease, first one has to know about the circle’s part.

    Radius: The separation from the middle to a point on the limit is known as the sweep of a circle. It is addressed by the letter ‘r’ or ‘R’. Radius assumes a significant part in the recipe for the space and boundary of a circle, which we will learn later.

    Diameter: A line that goes through the middle and its endpoints lie on the circle is known as the breadth of a circle. It is addressed by the letter ‘d’ or ‘D’.

    Perimeter: The outline of the circle is equivalent to the length of its limit. This implies that the border of a circle is equivalent to its boundary. The length of the rope that folds over the circle’s limit consummately will be equivalent to its boundary.

    Area = π × r2Complete set of formulas for the calculation of area for the circle.

    · Area = π × r2

    In the above equation, ‘r’ is the radius.

    · Area = (π/4) × d2

    In the above equation is the diameter.

    · Area = C2/4π

    In the above equation ‘C’ is the circumference.

    Example: If the length of the radius of a circle is 8 units. Calculate its area.


     Radius(r) = 8 units

     Using the formula for the circle’s area,

     Area of circle = πr2

     Put the values,

     A = π82

     A =π × 64

     A = 64π ≈ 201.14

    So the answer for the above problem concludes with 201.14 squared units.

    Genuine Example on Area of Circle 

    Rehaan and his companions requested a pizza on Saturday night. Each cut was 15 cm long. 

    Compute the space of the pizza that was requested by Rehaan. You can expect that the length of the pizza cutter is equivalent to the pizza’s sweep. 


    A pizza is around fit. So we can utilize the space of a circle recipe to compute the space of the pizza. 

    Sweep is 15 cm 

    Area of circle = πr2 = 3.14 × 15 × 15 = 706.5 

    Space of the Pizza = 706.5 sq. cm.

    Though it is a basic portrayal of the circle and its region yet assuming anybody needs to discover more about terms like circles, there is an answer accessible called Cuemath.  It is an answer for any issues concerning mathematics and it’s quick and precise.