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Coconut Oil For Beauty

    The business of beauty is multi-million dollar one. There is always a new, fantastic product available market claiming to be the latest in beauty aids. People spend thousands of dollars each year on expensive products.


    But a lot of those products all contain the same basic formula, with a few added ingredients to make them a little different. Ultimately, they all do the same thing.


    Here we will focus on all the ways you can use coconut oil to do the same things your expensive products do, for a fraction of the price.




    Spending a lot of money on hair products can end now when you use coconut oil instead.


    Tame Frizzy Hair


    If you have big curly, wavy and frizzy hair,  coconut oil can help tame it. Just a bit of oil rubbed into your ends will leave  your hair looking smooth calm. You can use straight oil or look for products that contain coconut oil.


    Add Some Shine


    Dab a tiny amount of coconut oil onto your ends of your hair to add a little shine to your hair. Just use a little bit, as too much will make your hair appear greasy. Do the ends and outsides of the hair, don’t rub it in.


    Deep Conditioner


    Rub a small amount together in your hands and then add it to your hair, brush it in and then wrap it up in a bun. Cover your hair or the pillow to stop it from ruining your pillow cover and then wash your hair normally in the morning.




    What better way to get all your skin products in one jar!


    As a Cleanser


    Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, and a moisturizer. Use it like you would any other cleansing lotion or cream.

    Gently rub the oil in circular motions on your face and neck, then rinse off.


    As a Makeup Remover


    Just put the coconut oil on a cotton ball or cloth as you would your regular makeup remover and it works like a charm. It will remove waterproof mascara, and won’t irritate your eyes. Just rinse as usual and it leaves your skin feeling soft. They even make coconut oil pills that can be punctured so that you can squeeze out just what you need and toss the rest of the pill. Makes it super easy to use on the go or while traveling.


    Body Moisturizer


    Perfect for those in a dry climate or the winter winds that take its toll on your skin. Rub it into dry chapped hands, as a lip balm for chapped lips, under your lipstick to prevent chapping and as an all-over moisturizer.


    Great for dry elbows, knees and feet. Put it dry cracked feet and then wrap them up and let it soak in to heal those cracks fast.


    Perfect for home manicures and pedicures, it will loosen up those cuticles and soften your hands and feet, plus smell terrific.


    Bath Time


    Add some coconut oil right to your bath water. Enjoy that luxurious soak in the heavenly scent of coconut and soften your skin. Use a bit more wit exfoliator to get the dead skin off and leave your skin feeling brand new.


    Shaving Cream


    It’s a great all around shaving cream for men and women. Shaving cream is an expensive and has a mixture of chemicals that you don’t need or want on your face, legs or armpits. It also works as a natural and quality bleaching cream for the privates.


    Coconut oil is inexpensive, naturally antimicrobial, and smells great. It won’t leave a rash and it helps the razor glide across your skin without leaving a razor burn. It works as a moisturizer while you shave and you can add a bit more after, to make your skin extra soft.


    Massage Oils


    Most massage oils contain coconut oil anyhow, so why not just go to the source? It’s perfect for using on sore stiff and overworked muscles, sore achy feet, shoulders and your back.


    Get your partner to massage your with coconut oil for pain relief, soft skin and coconut scented skin. Great for romantic massages, as well.




    Keep a few jars of coconut oil around the house and toy can replace a lot of your other expensive product with the same, if not better results.


    You can buy organic oils, if you prefer and you can find coconut oils in most grocery stores or health food stores.