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Combustible gas leak detectors

    Natural gas has a lot of uses, like generating power and other purposes as well. It is used to heat our homes. The natural gas water heaters are the most efficient on the market and are found in the houses all over the country.

    The benefits of natural gases are abundant and of course, obvious. However, with good things come bad things as well and yes, there are problems with the same. As per EPA, our natural gas and petroleum infrastructure in the largest unnatural source of methane emissions. Sometimes, these leaks might be harmless or might go undetected. But sometimes, gas can collect in an area which could lead to dangerous situations which you might want to refrain from by all means.

    To help you detect any kind of leak or whatsoever, we have collected a list of the finest combustible gas leak detectors which are going to save you from any kind of harmful situation. So, let’s start.


    Amprobe GSD600

    This gas leak detector is one of most easy detectors to use. There is only one button and is used to turn the power on or off. After you hit the button, you would see the battery LED on the left side which turns green. You would also hear a small fan inside fire up and after a few seconds, the strip of LED lights on the left side are going to light up. When the ‘ready’ light shows up, no kind of gas is detected. When you move upwards, you will see a scale indicated in PPM and if you see the range of scale go more up, know that it is a more serious leak.


    General Tools PNG1 Combustible Gas Detector

    The General Tools is a pen shaped leak detector which is a little bit complex to use rather than the other gas detectors here. After twisting off the lid in the back of this pen and installing batteries, you are going to hold the front of the detector near a suspected source and hold down the button in the center. After a few seconds are gone by, one of the three LED lights are going to turn on.


    RIDGID 36163 Model Micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector

    Being the most popular hand tool manufacturers on the market, the RIDGID is such a brand which is known by the tradesmen all around the world. The piping tools which they have are used by the pipefitters and gasfitters. This gas detectors is designed for tradesmen who make it a great choice for anyone who is at the risk to be exposed to the high levels of combustible gas.

    This gas detector has the same basic functionality as the other gas detectors here in this list. Along with that, it also has a very highly accurate sensor.

    Amprobe Gas Leak Detector

    Amprobe Gas leak detector increases the speed of the audible warnings when the gas is present in a room. However, it will also give you a light show. It comes with five different LED lights with different PPM ratings which lets you know approx. how much gas is present in the air around you. This kind of feature also makes it much easier to hone in on the leaks as the amount of gas will also increase the closer you get to the source of the leak.