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Common Causes of Back Pain

    Back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit a doctor and often results in missed workdays and decreased quality of life. There are many causes of back pain ranging from muscle strains to fractures and degenerative disc disease.

    A person can feel like they have a broken bone or some other injury when in fact, what they are experiencing is back pain. Lumbar (lower back) pain is the most common type of back pain, with about three-quarters of people having this kind of condition at some time during their lives. The lumbar area contains many nerves and includes all the vertebrae in your lower back. Since it can be challenging to identify the exact cause of your back pain and treat it, you need to work with a doctor specializing in back pain in Shadow Creek Ranch. In this article, we look at some of the common causes of back pain.

    1. Injury

    Any injury or trauma to the structure of your back can cause lower back pain. These injuries may include athletic injuries, surgery, and falls. If you experience back pain after a specific injury, it is okay to assume that it was caused by an accident. However, most back injuries do not result from one incident; instead, they usually develop over time and gradually become more difficult to tolerate.

    1. Muscle Strains

    Muscle strains are the result of overexertion or repetitive motions. Additionally, muscle strains can be caused by an imbalance in strength between opposing muscle groups or your upper and lower body. Muscle strains usually occur during a heavy lifting exercise but can also develop from participating in a physical activity you have not done before. This pain is known as a sport-related injury. If your back is sore, you should avoid activities that require heavy lifting or repetitive motions. You may need to alter your workout routine to better suit your current physical status while you heal.

    1. Overuse Syndromes

    Overuse syndromes are problems that develop in the body’s soft tissues after prolonged pressure on a specific area. Overuse syndromes include tendinitis, bursitis, and spinal disc herniations. Tendinitis most commonly occurs in the elbow or shoulder but can also occur in the lower back. Bursitis is similar to tendonitis, except it affects joints instead of muscles. A herniated disc occurs when soft tissue pushes against the outer wall of one of your discs, causing it to bulge out.

    1. Poor Posture

    Problems in your spine’s muscles, bones, and joints can eventually lead to poor posture. Poor posture can result from several factors that include: muscle weakness, muscle tightness or spasm, lack of strength in supporting muscles, and misalignment of the vertebrae. If you have back pain, you need to work on your posture and strengthen your muscles surrounding the spine.

    Most forms of back pain come about due to injury and poor posture. However, you can also experience back pain due to overuse disorders such as tendinitis, bursitis, and muscle strains. You can treat some forms at home while severe conditions require treatment by a specialist.