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Compassionate, Expert Healthcare for Women Experiencing Miscarriage in Arizona

             While about 20% of confirmed pregnancies are miscarried, these statistics might be much higher as most women suffer miscarriages before they even know they have conceived. If you are worried about miscarriage in Phoenix, get in touch with Desert Star Family Planning. Lead provider Dr. DeShawn Taylor, MD, MSC, FACOG offers caring and compassionate medical healthcare for women who suffer miscarriages. To get started, call their office or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.

    What Is A Miscarriage?

             A miscarriage happens once a fetus or embryo dies before the 20th week of conception. Mostly, miscarriages occur within the first 12 weeks after conceiving. The cause of a miscarriage is quite hard to determine. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that routine activities like sexual intercourse, working, or exercise won’t cause a miscarriage.

             The most prevalent cause of pregnancy loss is a chromosomal abnormality within the fetus, which makes life unbearable. Other contributing factors include health concerns such as injuries, adverse illnesses, and diabetes.

    What Are the Signs of Miscarriage?

             If you experience a miscarriage before you even realize you’ve conceived, one might feel like they are experiencing a painful or heavy period. If you have confirmed your pregnancy, some of the signs of miscarriage include abdominal or back cramping, tissue or fluid coming out of your vagina, and vaginal spotting or bleeding. In some instances, one might miscarry and never know until they get an ultrasound.

    What to Do If You Think You’re Experiencing A Miscarriage?

             Immediately when you realize you are experiencing any signs of miscarriage, reach out to Dr. Taylor. The above-highlighted symptoms won’t always indicate a pregnancy loss. Dr. Taylor offers an exam to assess whether you are actually suffering a miscarriage or just another issue causing these symptoms. Your specialists provide you with instructions on physical changes you should expect and a care guide during your miscarriage.

             Miscarriage experiences are different in the extremity of symptoms and speed from one patient to another. Besides, there is no common emotional response. Following a miscarriage, Dr. Taylor offers aftercare services to check and ensure that no pregnancy tissue is left in your uterus. At times, she may perform an aspiration treatment to clear the uterus and alleviate any risk of infections.

    Can You Conceive Following A Miscarriage?

             A miscarriage won’t affect your chances of conceiving again. Dr. Taylor offers recommendations on how to care for your body and emotions after the miscarriage to increase the chances of you conceiving again.

             If you have suffered more than two miscarriages, the risk of experiencing another is increased. So, if you plan on having a baby, consult Dr. Taylor about your health history. Dr. Taylor can conduct suitable tests to identify the underlying health concern and offer advice to help you keep a healthy and successful pregnancy.

             In conclusion, Desert Star Family Planning offers all services with the utmost confidentiality and respect. To find out more about the practice, call their office, or go online to schedule an appointment today.