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Complete Fitness for Women: 5 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

    Some women were still wearing corsets in the 1920s. So, it’s fair to say that great strides in approaches to women’s health have occurred in the last 100 years. It’s no accident that the women’s movement ushered in freedom of movement, among other things, for women.

    It took activist Jane Fonda’s workout to revolutionize and popularize the very sound idea that women owe it to themselves to work out. What most experts recommend these days is complete fitness for women, body, mind, and soul.

    Let’s look at five fitness tips for the body that have a direct bearing on your ability to cultivate your mind and soul. We know you want to be all the women you can be, so read on!

    1. Sleep

    Sleep is great for the complexion. It’s great for concentration. Adequate sleep contributes to you aging less rapidly.

    Getting the right amount of sleep every single night has an all-round positive impact on every other aspect of your life, and the demands placed on it.

    1. Food and Water

    The key to a healthy diet is simple: don’t buy junk food in the first place! Eliminate sugary sodas and all processed food from your diet. Try that for two weeks.

    Combine that with the intake of more fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. You will notice the difference after the first fortnight. Repeat for another fourteen days immediately.

    After a month on your new regime, we’re sure you’ll be feeling so good that you’ll never return to greasy and sugar-pumped foods again.

    Guess what? You’ve probably saved yourself from diabetes and heart problems in middle age. Great!

    1. Drink and Tobacco

    We’re still on the consumption vibe. A little alcohol, such as a glass of wine with dinner, is good. More than that does your body no favors.

    Smoking should be avoided. It ages your skin and makes it harder to work out. Smoking also makes you more susceptible to bronchitis and pneumonia and weakens your immune system generally.

    1. Complete Fitness for Women Includes Sex

    Sex is a great way to have fun. It also helps the body relax—and get that proper sleep mentioned earlier.

    Many women neglect to get back into shape after childbirth. They focus all their energy on the new baby, their family, juggling their job and their household. They completely forget about the importance of the pelvic floor, and suddenly find themselves embarrassed by urinary incontinence when they laugh or cough.

    All this can be avoided by doing kegel exercise, or better still, using a Yarlap. Strengthen that pelvic floor, for better urinary control and better orgasms.

    Your clitoris forms part of the pelvic floor muscles, if you didn’t know already, now you do. Need we say more?

    1. Feed Your Mind, Nourish Your Soul

    Read widely and deeply. Listen to music, watch television, go to the theatre, dance. Sing alone and together with people; laugh often.

    Fill your whole mind with a wealth of things that can keep you going for hours if you ever find yourself alone. Nourish your soul, express yourself through love, and enjoy life. You only have one.

    You Can Do the Rest

    We’ve given you a few quick tips. Complete fitness for women means different things to different people. You have the possibility of defining what it means for yourself.

    Did we forget to mention going to the gym and regular exercise to keep you physically in shape? Nah, that’s a given. Get motivated by checking out our other articles here—and stay healthy all your life!