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Comprehensive Annual Screen Cancer Treatment in Kingwood, TX

    According to recent research statistics by the National Skin Cancer Foundation, about one in every five Americans will get skin cancer by seventy years of age.  It is hence essential for you to undertake regular skin cancer screenings for timely diagnosis and treatment. At Elite Dermatology, the experienced team of skincare specialists offers comprehensive annual screening of skin cancer in Kingwood, Texas, as well as a valuable treatment for women, men, and children. They understand the dangers of skin cancer and recommend making annual skin cancer screening a part of your preventative healthcare to detect any signs of cancer. For more information, call or schedule an appointment online today!

    What Is Skin Cancer?

    Skin cancer refers to the abnormal growth of skin cells. This results from DNA mutations that trigger the excessive growth of cancer cells. People of all ages or skin types can develop skin cancer which can appear on different body parts. There are various types of skin cancer. These include:

    ·         Basal cell carcinoma

    This is one of the main cancers affecting most people. The carcinoma typically develops on areas of your skin exposed to your areas of skin like the face and neck. It usually appears as a flesh-colored flat lesion or waxy bump, developing gradually and hardly dispersing.

    ·         Squamous Cell carcinoma

    This type of carcinoma typically appears as a flat lesion with a red or scaly surface and firm nodule body areas often exposed to sunlight.

    ·         Melanoma

    This skin cancer occurs anywhere on your body, either in a mole or on normal skin. Melanoma often develops on the face, trunk, or lower leg as a mole. With time, the mole changes in size and color, causing a large brown spot that becomes darker. The melanoma can also appear as small lesions with an unusual look from the others in color and patterns such as red, bluish-black, white, or blue.

    What Are the Skin Cancer Risk Factors?

    There is no specific known cause of skin cancer. However, some factors might increase your risk for skin cancer. These include:

    ·         Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays

    ·         Particular toxic substances

    ·         Having a fair skin

    ·         Skin moles

    ·         A family history of skin cancer

    ·         Weakened immunity

    Why Should You Get an Annual Skin Cancer Screening?

    As earlier stated, skin cancer can develop at any age.  An annual skin cancer screening allows for early detection of skin cancer for timely treatment. Your doctor monitors any suspicious, abnormal moles or bleeding lesions in a physical and visual inspection. Skin cancer screening is an essential preventative routine care, especially for people with a family history of skin cancer.

    What Are the Available Skin Cancer Treatments?

    If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, a biopsy effectively determines the specific sub-type for proper treatment. Some of the effective skin cancer treatments available include surgical excision, chemotherapy, radiation, cryotherapy, and other topical medications.

    Regular skin cancer screening is essential for diagnosis and timely treatment of the condition. If you are considering screening, call or book an appointment online with Elite Dermatology today.