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Copper Fit Review

    copperfit gear reviews

    copperfit gear reviews

    Compression is a very old way of dealing with sore or strained muscles, but lately, I’ve been picking up on a new product in that sphere, one that promises extraordinary results.

    According to the advertisement, Copper Fit is compression wear that puts all other similar products to shame – allegedly, it is more effective and comfortable, but I had to check it out. So, I did a review of Copper Fit.

    When you need a compression sleeve, it isn’t even a question whether you want to get one or not. The only question you have left, if which brand to choose.

    If you take a look online, you will see hundreds upon hundreds of these products, but only a few come with recommendations such as these. It seems that Copper Fit is different.

    Compression sleeves should support elbow or knee muscles when you feel spent, sore, or you’re in pain.

    Many professional athletes wear these in order to keep the muscles warm, to relieve pain from light injuries, or to reduce the time their muscles need in order to repair themselves.

    But Copper Fit claims its revolutionary, and that they offer more than their competitors. Let’s check this claim.

    What Is Copper Fit

    These compression sleeves are infused with copper, and the manufacturer claims that all the difference between Copper Fit and all the other similar products lies in that fact.

    This product should help and rejuvenate muscles, as well as provide support for sore and stiff muscles.

    The manufacturer also claims that this product can reduce swelling and enable faster recovery because it improves circulation and oxygenation of muscles.

    The material of Copper Fit – 86% polyester, 14% spandex, is extremely stretchable, soft, comfortable, and full of copper ions to reduce odors.

    This compression product is available as a knee, back, and joint support, but also in the form of socks and gloves.

    Copper Fit Benefits

    copperfit gear reviews

    If you take the right size for your needs, this product can do a lot for you, at least according to the manufacturer.

    Some of the benefits of Copper Fit:

    1. Supports painful, sore muscles.

    2. Improves circulation in the area where the sleeve is, making sure that muscles fully recover.

    3. Enables better performance for athletes, both professional and recreational.

    4. If you wear it during exercise, it prevents muscle strain and fatigue.

    5. Prevents accumulation of bacteria, stops unpleasant odors.

    Copper Fit Reviews and Experiences

    copperfit gear reviews

    Relying on blogs, online magazines or official websites was never my thing. I always prefer looking for real people who use a product and checking out their honest reviews to anything else.

    So this time was no different. I spent hours snooping through social networks, looking for any mention of Copper Fit on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    And guess what? The impressions are incredibly positive. People used these sleeves after meniscus repair surgeries, and report that their knees were more stable and comfortable with Copper Fit.

    Some even say that their recovery time was a lot faster than their doctors thought it would be.

    According to Copper Fit users, these sleeves can help with arthritis, running swollenness, intense sports’ aches, and sores.

    Some claim that they increase joint mobility, and improve performance, but that might be the placebo effect or the simple fact that these sleeves keep the muscles warm.

    Many of them also said that these sleeves are completely odorless, just as the company claims.

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    Side Effects of Copper Fit

    My main concern was that Copper Fit is just like every other compression sleeve and that it might cause rashes and skin irritations.

    But, when i saw the overwhelming amount of positive experiences, every single one of those doubts has gone. There wasn’t a single user report of side effects.

    The only thing you might notice, are temporary compression marks on the area where the sleeve was. Those marks are temporary and will go away after a few hours.

    The Verdict Is In

    If you are among those people who love their physical activity, then compression sleeves are a necessity for you.

    Sore and painful muscles are an imminent part of your life, but, if you don’t want to spend money on expensive massages, or risk your health with painkillers, this product is the thing you need.

    According to Copper Fit users, this is a reliable, effective, odorless solution to that problem. The price isn’t exactly on the low end of the scale, but when you consider the quality of Copper Fit, it is definitely worth it.

    And, the thing that got me in the end – they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which means that even if it doesn’t suit you, you can at least test Copper Fit, and you won’t lose a cent!

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