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Coronavirus Masks – Must Have for 2021

    With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, masks have become a must for every single person around the world. The most basic yet safe way to fight the strong virus is by merely wearing a mask, a respirator mask to be exact. Even though most people walk around wearing surgical masks, one would surely not want to jump in the pit with them all as the coronavirus is growing powerful almost with every passing minute. However, the best choice is to wear a respirator mask that efficiently blocks airborne infectious particles and substances. The respirator mask itself has many types ranging from KN95 respirator mask to N95 respirator mask though there isn’t much of a difference between them.


    N95 Respirator Mask Vs KN95 Respirator Mask


    The N95 respirator mask and the KN95 respirator mask are more or less the same as their filter performance, flow rate and quite a lot of other factors are the same, but obviously, there is a modest twist.  The main difference between an N95 respirator mask and a KN95 respirator mask is the certification of the mask. The N95 respirator mask is US standard whereas KN95 respirator mask is the Chinese standard respirator mask. Along with that, the KN95 respirator masks are run through fit tests by the Chinese government with human subjects to ensure less than 8% leakage from the respirator mask, but that isn’t the case with the N95 respirator masks in the States. Other than that, there is a slight difference of breathability as the N95 respirator mask is comparatively a little porous and comfortable than the KN95 respirator mask. However, that doesn’t mean that the KN95 respirator mask can strangle you to death, no pun intended. As far as the best respirator mask’s question is concerned, both the respirator masks are equally effective, and none is better than the other apparently. Even though most customers prefer the N95 respirator mask, the KN95 respirator mask is totally alike in qualities and is relatively safe as well.


    Where Can You Buy a Respirator Mask?

    One knows where to buy their daily essentials from, however, with respirator masks becoming the new normal, is everyone aware of where to get a hold of N95 masks for sale? Maybe or maybe not. But this article is the saviour for all the troubled souls. A respirator mask can simply be bought at a nearby pharmacy or ordered online at digital shopping or hospital/pharmacy websites. Though during the pandemic, people usually prefer the respirator masks to be delivered at their doorstep.


    How to Make a Respirator Mask at Home?

    As easy as it may sound, making a respirator mask or more importantly, an N95 replica at home is quite a difficult task. The maker must ensure that the respirator mask is designed keeping in mind a few principal factors listed below:

    • Filtering ability and multiple filtering mechanisms 
    • Comfortability and durability 
    • Fine fitting 

    While taking care of these factors, one should ensure that they pick out the perfect material as a filter for their respirator masks. According to a study of the University of Chicago in this regard, a combination of cotton with silk, chiffon, or flannel could potentially create a well-functioning filter. With this in mind, all one needs is a sewing machine and some elastic materials for holding their masks in place whilst sporting their safe cum customised respirator masks.


    Wrapping it up!

    With the discovery of new strains of the coronavirus and its exponential global growth, it is no surprise that respirator masks are the exceptional standards that will continue in 2021. However, if the situation worsens, full face respirator masks might be considered an option. Thus, one must make sure not to quarrel over the types of respirator masks rather wear them regardless of the ‘brands’ to ensure a safe and healthy environment for themselves and others around them.