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Corporate and medical document translation services

    Translation of corporate and medical documents is one of the most technically difficult and time-consuming processes. Although medical document translation may be required for relatively short documents (such as medical reports, admission or discharge documents, prescriptions, etc.) of up to five pages long, medical terminology is extremely technical and medical document translation often requires knowledge of the source and target languages, as well as Latin. Visit Languex Translation if you require fast, accurate, and affordable certified online translation.


    Corporate translation is a more frequently requested service, but it often involves translation of long corporate, commercial or business documents. Some documents, such as business plans, may be more than a hundred pages long and contain in addition to the actual text complex tables and graphs, which must all be recreated in the translated document.


    As part of our regular corporate translation work, we translate bank statements, companies register certificates or extracts, receipts, pay slips, employment contracts, commercial or building agreements and project plans as well as tender and bid applications.


    In addition to skilful and professional translation, corporate translation or medical document translation requires recreating the format of the original document. We guarantee that your translated corporate or medical document will be next to identical in layout and format of the original. This will help you when submitting your document to Irish authorities or overseas, as it will make it easy to cross reference between the original and the translation.  


    If you have both medical and corporate documents to translate for a specific project or application, for example, we will be happy to offer a special price and completion times. If you have an urgent corporate translation or medical document translation, we will try to accommodate you and meet your deadlines.


    Please note that in addition to being translated, corporate and medical documents must also be certified. We can arrange for certification by an Irish notary public or solicitor for documents to be used in Ireland or overseas.