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Creating mini athletes – Why this is important for everyone?

    Let us start with a fact from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)! “The percentage of children with obesity problems has tripled since the 1970s in the United States” About one in every five children within the age group 6-19 are obese.

    A youth fitness program is essential and un-debatable if you want your child to grow up healthy. Early onset of obesity is not just a health concern. It is emotionally distressing for the child as well. Bullying, teasing, and associated chronic health problems are too much to deal with alongside the tremendous educational pressure.

    What are the attributes of youth fitness programs? Let us take a look and self-educate on the benefits of such a program.

    Physical literacy in youth

    Physical literacy is a clinical term and is defined as the ability, desire and the innate confidence to be physically active for life. That is something that young children have to develop early on in their life. Playtime is important if you want to avoid having a dull kid! The opportunities are available at schools, recreation centers, and community parks. The percentages of kids at these places for recreational activities have taken a hit in recent years. But indulging in sports activities that buildability and desire under diverse, fun and safe conditions through positive physical therapies are essential. Avoid the dual epidemic of child inactivity and early onset of obesity.

    Quality coaching

    Let’s be honest. At the heart of a youth fitness program is the fun aspect of the entire exercise. Quality coaching which positively affects the physical and mental health is a hallmark of youth fitness programs. Research and review organizations and centers in your area to get the best for your kid. Quality coaching can improve the neuromuscular coordination through motor functions that include running, catching, diving, balancing, twisting, jumping and landing. Performed under strict supervision and guidance, this will increase the fitness level in a young body at a rapid rate than for adults.

    Motor skills are not the only skill to be developed. Skill, strength, flexibility and cardio-respiratory endurance are improved as well. You have the option of going for kid specialization where you can watch your child develop into a sportsperson with consecutive seasons in a sport under his belt. But with a professional sports career, you have the added risk of professional grade injuries. So it’s a bit risky! Contrastingly, you can go for a sampling of different activities. It is more challenging a one has to develop skills for various activities. It builds up excellent motor skills and a detailed concept of physical literacy. It is ultimately beneficial in the long run.


    Youth fitness programs should take into account the age group and the stress levels of the participants. It is this aspect for which it is necessary to invest in a professional youth coach and trainer with a lot of experience over the years. Equipment should be regularly checked and tested for use so that you can avoid injuries. First aid kits and a doctor on standby are also recommended. Usually, a professional youth fitness program will have all the necessary protocols installed and working.

    Let us engage the inactive youth in fun physical therapy sessions through youth training programs to build up physical literacy.