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Cutting-Edge Techniques for Eradicating Distressing Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins are common in women and old people with underlying medical conditions that may cause faulty valves. While these veins may not be a life-threatening medical concern, there are cases where they may cause severe pain and discomfort. If varicose veins are interfering with your life, St. Louis varicose veins specialists are the best option.

    What are varicose veins?

    Varicose veins refer to the large, twisted, purple veins that occur at the back of your legs due to chronic venous insufficiency. In some cases, the unattractive veins may be caused by deep vein thrombosis that causes accumulation of blood in your veins. Your veins have tiny valves that relax to allow blood to flow to your heart and contract to prevent the backward flow of blood. Defective valves allow your blood to flow backward, resulting in the accumulation of blood in your superficial veins.  Over time, these veins swell and bulge out, resulting in rope-like varicose veins. These distressing veins usually occur just beneath your skin, creating rope-like tracks along your legs. Varicose veins may cause a throbbing ache in your legs, restricting your mobility. If not treated promptly, varicose veins can result in chronic distress. Spider veins are way smaller than varicose veins and are closer to the skin surface.

    What are the common symptoms of varicose veins?

    Varicose veins are not necessarily a cause for alarm, but if the symptoms deteriorate you can seek medical care. You can also seek treatment for these unattractive veins if they are affecting your self-esteem. Some of the common varicose veins include:

    ·                     Throbbing pain along with a tingling or burning sensation in your legs

    ·                     The excruciating pain that worsens after standing or sitting for long periods

    ·                     Skin discolorations

    ·                     Heaviness in your legs makes walking difficult

    ·                     Swelling and itchiness in your legs

    ·                     Muscle cramps

    There are rare cases in which the affected veins may bleed due to the occurrence of ulcers.

    What are the treatment options for varicose veins?

    The professional team at MINT offers cutting-edge techniques for eradicating varicose veins. During your appointment, the team examines your varicose veins and discusses your symptoms to determine a suitable treatment option. Some of the treatment options offered include:

    ·                     Sclerotherapy

    This procedure involves the injection of a medical solution into the affected veins causing them to collapse. Your body then naturally redirects your blood to flow through healthy veins.

    ·                     Phlebectomy

    Phlebectomy is a slightly invasive procedure that involves the removal of faulty veins using a needle or  surgical scalpel

    ·                     Vein ablations

    For this procedure, the team uses ultrasound to direct a catheter into the affected vein and transmits laser energy to close the vein.

    ·                     Venaseal

    The team utilizes the VenaSeal system to deliver a medical adhesive into the problematic veins causing them to close. The procedure usually takes about twenty minutes and does not need downtime.

    After undergoing the treatment procedure, you can wear compression stockings to aid in recovery. If varicose veins are causing you extreme discomfort, call MINT or book an appointment online to begin your journey to wellness.