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Dabs vs. CBD Vape, Health Considerations and Guide

    The market for vaping and CBD products is among the fastest-growing in the USA, with many people switching to vaping following the tobacco smoking ban of some years ago. Now that CBD products have become legal in the USA – which we will talk a little more about in a moment – there has been an additional boost in the popularity of CBD vaping devices, and there is some confusion regards the different types of vaping mods and accessories that you can use. For example, what is a dab pen and why might you want one? 

    The purpose of this short article is to give you an idea of why dab pens are rapidly taking hold in a competitive market, how they differ from other types of vape device, and what the health implications are, but first, a short explanation about CBD. 

    About CBD Vaping

    First, CBD is not the same as marijuana. It comes from the same plant – the cannabis plant – and is just one of many compounds that can be extracted. It does not get you ‘high’ as it has no psychoactive properties; that part of smoking weed comes from THC, another of the compounds. Secondly, vaping is not smoking. Vaping involves inhaling vapor, created by heating e-liquids – or CBD oil – in your vape device. It replicates smoking, but with very little or no smoke involved.

    CBD is now legal in the USA, as long as it is extracted from a strain of cannabis known as ‘industrial hemp’, and it contains only trace levels of THC. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s get onto the differences between dab pens and other devices.

    What Are Dab Pens?

    A dab pen is, to all intents and purposes, just one of the many different types of vaping device. They rank among the easiest to use, the cheapest and the most discreet, and are often bought by people who have a more complex vape mod for regular use, and a dab pen for when they are caught without the main device. We believe that a good dab pen is really important for your vaping if you are to be able to have a quick vape when you suddenly feel the need, and there are many to choose from at excellent prices.

    A dab pen differs in that it is usually a one-piece item; they also heat the liquid very, very quickly – thanks to tiny yet extremely powerful coils within the pen-shaped device – and are favoured by vapers who, perhaps, just want a single hit when on the go. Dab pens operate by way of a single button; press it, and you’re ready to go in no time at all.

    As for health considerations, many dab pens – unlike other vaping devices – operate on a zero-combustion process. This means that there is absolutely no smoke involved at all. Some vape mods may see you inhaling tiny amounts of smoke – nothing close to smoking a cigarette – but with a dab pen there will be none. This is a great health benefit for anyone worried about vaping, and is perhaps the healthiest way to go.

    If you are someone who wants to take a quick CBD hit when on the move, a dab pen is a great addition to your vaping kit. Small, light and easy to use, having one in your pocket or purse ready for use when the need comes around makes life a lot easier, so why not check them out now and see how you can make your CBD vaping easier with a dab pen.