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Dangers of Pornography

    There are several beautiful beaches in the world with hidden dangers. Whenever water floods sand below the surface, the sand particles would be pushed apart. This would result into a muddy mixture which can’t support the weight of a person. Whenever an individual walk over it, they sink down as a result of a trap known as quicksand. When people sinks down, the water is pushed outside resulting into a vacuum effect which secures its victim tighter and tighter. Sometimes, it only takes moments to absorb someone into a desperate situation.

    This is exactly what pornography does to millions of people every day. It usually starts simple without any sign of danger, a movie on cable or the click of the mouse. We feel there is nothing bad or nothing is wrong with it, even though it is kept secret. Soon, it becomes a habit and controlling it becomes difficult, this later turn into a habit, deeper and deeper. However, not only the user is affected, the consequences for our society as a whole is very high. It is crucial to know the dangers and also take them serious, this will allow us to avoid getting ensnared. Moreover, the fate of the next generation depends on us. Below are some of the dangers of pornography.


    Most men and women who watch porn claims it’s not easy to stop. Even with the desire to live a porn free life because of the way it is affecting their lives in a negative way, they always find it very difficult. So many have not been able to quit. They have been enslaved by the pornography. If you want to learn more about the dangers of pornography check this infographic by Dr Felix.

    Porn vs. Reality

    It Ruined Relationships

    It is crucial to invest lots of time and energy into intimate relationship. This involves sacrifice as well as vulnerability. All of those things are very difficult. Porn is a cheap as well as quick way to avoid all of that so as to get a momentary rush of similar feelings that intimacy brings. The challenge is that the desires which would be found in a relationship are replaced by porn. Sex becomes a selfish pursuit of recreating scenes from movies. The sexual relationship gets cheapened when connection ceases to be the main objective. This would make couple drift apart, especially because most of the viewing is done in secret. A survey which was carried out on 350 attorneys specializing in divorce at the American Academy of Matrimony Lawyers reveals that a large amount of their divorce cases involved one person with a compulsive use of porn.

    It Support Human Trafficking

    Each and every click to a porn website contributes to destroying lives. Even, individuals that have entered the porn industry willingly speak of being forced to do harmful things they never intend to do. One of the most popular male porn stars of all time gave a personal account to the website Fight the New Drug. In it, he said, “I had to go to work so I could do the porn; so that I could buy the drugs to bury the pain from doing the porn; And around and around it went.” Even worse, porn fuels the demand for prostitution, many of whom have become victims of human trafficking. In a 2003 study, 854 human traffic survivors were surveyed and it showed that 50% were forced into pornography.