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Dental Crowns and What You Should Know

    Perhaps you have heard way too much about cosmetic dentistry. Or you do not want a reminder of how beautiful your smile will look if you have better dental health. Well, how about I give you a reason to visit an expert in dental crowns in San Ramon? Nothing could make a significant difference in your life more than dental crowns.

    You can hardly overlook the popularity of dental crowns, especially in the recent past. Unfortunately, you might not be fully aware of what this dental treatment involves. It is in this light that we take an in-depth look at what it means. Read with us!

    What are dental crowns?

    You could also refer to crowns as dental caps. A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that entails the entire encircling of a dental implant or tooth. Ideally, an expert bonds them to your teeth using dental cement. These dental crowns come in handy whenever you have a dental cavity that is so large that it could compromise your health.

    There are different types of dental crowns, and your choice is dependent on various aspects. Mostly, the distinction lies in the material used to make them. But first, it would be valuable to point out that you will have to choose between permanent and temporary crowns. While a dentist can make temporary ones, there will be a need for experts in dental labs to make permanent crowns.


    Some of the options that you will have include the following.

    •       Stainless steel

    This type of dental crown will often come in handy for those who need a temporary solution. For instance, they could be used on teeth that require crowns, albeit made from a different material. These crowns are attached directly to the primary teeth.

    •       Resin

    Are you looking for an affordable solution? All-resin dental crowns will be the ultimate option for you. However, they tend to be vulnerable to fractures.

    •       Metal

    Most of these metals include alloys of gold or platinum, making them relatively sturdier. Besides, their longevity is unmatched. Did you know that they hardly chip or break? You can rely on them for both chewing and biting.

    •       Porcelain fused to metal

    This option is one of the most common you will ever get in the market, thanks to its reliability and affordability. They are the best for both back and front teeth. You could also rely on them when there is a need for long bridges that require extra strength.


    Why you need dental crowns

    Various benefits come with using dental crowns. As long as you get the right expert to fix them, you will be sure of the following advantages.

    •       The installation procedure is relatively straightforward
    •       They are personalized to suit your dental structure and smile
    •       They boost your self-esteem
    •       You will appreciate the durability that they assure you of
    •       Relatively affordable


    Indeed, your dental health will always be a priority. As you look forward to getting the best treatment, you will find the services of Avalon Dental to be worth it.