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Dental health 101: How to keep your teeth happy, healthy, and pretty?

    Having a routine that includes showering, brushing the teeth, and eating healthy food is something that might seem normal but needs a lot of effort and consistency. Humans are blessed souls who need to cherish everything that God has gifted them.

    That’s where taking good care of the health, body, and mind is considered a priority. This article focuses on how you can maintain dental health. And let’s get one thing clear if you think that brushing teeth is the only thing that is needed to do to maintain good dental health, then we are extremely sorry to shatter that illusion for you. 

    Here are some dental tips that everyone should follow. Spoiler Alert! You need a lot of determination if you want to have happy, healthy, and pretty teeth.

    Let’s get started!

    • Do not miss out on a dental appointment.

    Yeah, it is a bit tough to keep up with the dental appointments. There is so much to do. You need to rearrange the schedule and book an appointment with a dentist. But if you have something important to do, you reschedule the appointment. And let’s be honest, no one puts “trip to the dentist” on the priority list. Well, that’s not what you are supposed to do.

    Seeing a dentist regularly ensures that the teeth are in responsible hands. Missing your appointments will not only cost you time and money but will also worsen the dental situation. In fact, believe it or not, but a regular checkup and teeth cleaning from Honolulu dentist regularly will definitely give you a healthy, confident, and picture-perfect smile.

    For example, regular dental appointments will help in curing cavities that are still fixable and reversible. Otherwise, you might end up in a bigger mess than you were in before. Thus, when your dentist regularly sees and examines, things can get cured before they worsen.

    • Prioritize the necessary treatment

    It is better to listen to the doctor or the professional because they’ve already studied the situation and know the seriousness of it. If they say you need braces, get braces. If they say you need to undergo dental surgery, go for it. This means that you’ll be foolish to ignore the doctor’s advice.

    Suppose your prosthodontists, “the architects of the smile,” just told you that you need dental implants to keep the teeth healthy and get that perfect smile you were longing for. That’s the decision you shouldn’t take time to act on. If you have no idea about what dental implants are, don’t worry. We have got that covered too. According to, the implants are strategically embedded to make a perfect arch. In fact, just with four implants, you can easily replace the entire arch, which consists of around sixteen teeth. Isn’t that great? Now, you don’t have to worry about paying for those costly conventional dental implants. With four implants, your prosthodontist can help in supporting the bridge or arch that contains artificial teeth.

    Fun Fact: You’ll be surprised to know that this treatment often lasts a patient’s lifetime. They won’t fall out and will look completely natural. In fact, this concept even contributes to improving the overall health of the patient by preventing bone absorption.

    • Practice oral hygiene

    Did you know that nearly 70-80% of school children are currently suffering from at least one dental cavity? Now, the most shocking news is that almost 100% of adults have at least one dental cavity, which is scary. Wait, there’s more! Between 20-30% of adults have severe gum diseases. That’s really shocking.

    Oral hygiene starts at home. It would be best if you practiced it regularly to steer clear of gum diseases and cavities. We all know that the basic recommendation of any dentist is that one needs to brush their teeth at least twice a day. And ignoring it would be really a bad idea. Even if you brush your teeth in the morning, you still need to brush them at night. This is because when you brush your teeth at night, getting rid of plaque and germs that accumulate in the mouth throughout the day is a bit easier. But that’s not all!

    There are other oral hygiene practices everyone must follow for healthy teeth.

    • First of all, say goodbye to all those sugary soft drinks, acidic drinks, and fruit juices. They tend to soften the tooth material and contribute to dissolving the minerals in the tooth’s enamel. And that caused holes in teeth which will further result in cavities. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that in severe cases, the tooth might get decayed to the gum. So, it is better to stop it at the beginning itself.
    • Generally, people forget about cleaning their tongues. You’ll be surprised to know that the plaque also builds upon the tongue. This will not only result in bad mouth odor, and that’s the cause of most oral health issues. So, it is needless to say that you have to brush the tongue while brushing the teeth gently.
    • Also, you need to take utmost care of the toothpaste used in brushing the teeth. Often people look for things like teeth whitening, powers, and flavors, but there’s more to that. Look for the one with fluoride in it. This is because fluoride acts as a defense against tooth decay and fights germs that lead to decay. Plus, it builds a protective layer on the teeth that helps in preventing cavities.
    • Try drinking more and more water to wash out the sticky food and germs, and consider using mouthwash to eliminate the breeding and spreading of plaque. And if you are a sporty person, don’t forget to wear a mouthguard every time you play.

    Wrapping Up!

    Many people tend to keep their dental health on the back burner. Little do they know it is something that needs to be ranked on the top of the priority list. 

    So, make sure you never miss an appointment, take doctor’s advice seriously and practice regular oral hygiene, and your teeth will definitely thank you for it.