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Dental Implant Treatment – Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous

    Over the last few years, dental implants have emerged as a popular treatment option for missing teeth. Made from biocompatible materials, these are completely safe and have an affinity with bone. The best part is that they have a lifelike and natural appearance, which means that even the fabricated tooth won’t stand out. Moreover, implants have a long life span and you can expect to avail the benefits of treatment for years to come. However, the idea of having a screw being inserted in your jawbone for fixing the tooth may make you feel apprehensive. Still, there is nothing to worry about the procedure because dental implant surgery is routine these days and offers a high success rate as well. So here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be nervous about opting for it.

    Proven and precisely planned treatment 

    Dental implant treatment is a proven one, with a large number of patients already experiencing its benefits. Moreover, your dentist will have everything planned precisely ahead of time. You can even ask them to explain the steps and have answers to all your queries and doubts to be comfortable with the procedure. Apart from advanced diagnostics and surgery, they will also guide you about living normally with implants after the treatment. You will gradually feel the difference in terms of your appearance and bite, so you can expect things to get only better after an implant.

    Use of local anesthesia

    Pain is the biggest concern for any patient planning to undergo dental implant treatment. Of course, you cannot expect the fitting of a screw in your jawbone to be completely painless. However, you need not worry that much about dental implant pain because local anesthesia makes the procedure relatively comfortable. Your doctor may recommend options like nitrous oxide, oral sedation or intravenous sedation depending on your needs and preferences. Rest assured, the procedure will be quick and you will be comfortable through it. And the pain after the procedure can be managed with painkillers. 

    A durable solution 

    Compared to other treatment options for missing teeth, implants are far more durable. Typically, a tooth-supported dental bridge may last up to ten years while dentures may have to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Conversely, dental implants can last for decades if you get the right professional care and maintain them well enough. The implant crown, however, may require a more frequent replacement. Considering the durability of implants, they turn out to be a cost-effective option as compared to the other alternatives. And you cannot forget the benefit that implant crowns do not develop cavities!

    Versatile procedure

    Another good reason not to be anxious about dental implants is that the procedure has you covered, whatever your problem may be. Being a versatile one, it can be used for replacing a single missing tooth or multiple teeth. There is also the option of mini implants that are ideal for replacing smaller teeth like lower incisors. And if you are planning a multiple teeth replacement, you can consider an implant bridge or a denture supported by dental implants.

    So there is much that makes you very sure about opting for this solution. However, everything boils down to using the right specialist for treatment. Look for someone reputed for using top quality implants and having good skills and experience with the surgery.